What Is Coxarthrosis treatment options Of The Hip Joint?

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Coxarthrosis treatment options is a chronic disease that destroys the hip joint over time. Mostly, older women suffer from the disease. This disease is a type of arthrosis and proceeds very slowly at the beginning, affecting one joint or both at once.

Why Does Coxarthrosis Appear:-

In some cases, the disease is the result of old age and slow deterioration of the joint. Several reasons why this disease may occur:

  • poor tissue nutrition;
  • dysplasia;
  • transferred infection;
  • diseases that cause stiffness of the hip joint – aseptic necrosis, for example;
    Perthes disease.

It is often simply impossible to understand why coxarthrosis of the hip joint develops, so this disease cannot be determined. As a result of constant study of the intricacies of the disease, scientists and doctors have identified several groups of patients who are at particular risk:

  • Heredity. Those whose relatives had diseases associated with pathologies of cartilage or bones are also at risk of getting sick.
  • Excess weight. Joints are at work every day and are subject to all sorts of loads. Weight disproportionate to height is another test for them.
  • Diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders. The joint is poorly supplied with oxygen, which causes various pathologies and diseases.
    Thus, with proper awareness, it is possible to stop the disease in the bud, or even prevent its occurrence.

When To See A Doctor:-

Coxarthrosis is a serious disease that cannot be cured if it has formed. In the most deplorable cases, a person is threatened with disability.

This disease is insidious in its lethargy and silence of symptoms in the initial stages. A joint will ache after a long day, a person thinks it’s just fatigue.

A short rest relieves unpleasant sensations, and we forget that something bothered us. In fact, these are the first calls in which you need to go to the doctor.

Having recognized the pathology in its infancy, there is hope, if not to cure it, then at least to stop it with the help of treatment. In this case, the hip joints will be supported medically and the patient will be able to maintain the ability to move and live normally.

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Treatment Of Coxarthrosis:-

Only a specialist can diagnose the disease. Treatment at the first stage is possible at home, it requires the following recommendations:

  • Weight control.
  • Quality food.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
  • Facilitate walking with a cane.
  • LFK complex.

Second Stage:-

If the disease has passed into the second stage, inpatient treatment is required. At this stage, medication is not enough. Electrophoresis, laser therapy, and ultrasound treatment are added to the treatment complex. Physical exercises are done under the supervision of a doctor. The second stage of the disease is less treatable, requires more time and the result is visible only after some time.

Third Stage:-

With the appearance of deterioration, more serious actions are taken. The third stage of the disease requires surgical intervention. The prosthesis is installed. At the Swiss Clinic, the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint is carried out by an experienced traumatologist.

Installing a prosthesis is one of the most reliable ways to treat a disease. The rehabilitation period is about two months. However, how successfully the prosthesis will take root depends on how old the patient is, what was the state of health at the time of the operation, how responsibly the recommendations and advice of the doctor are followed, and a number of other factors.

Prosthetics give a person a chance for a full life without pain and suffering. On average, the prosthesis successfully serves for 15-20 years. For more information visit our site.

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