5 Secrets Of The Perfect Table Setting

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A good tone, an addition to the sophistication of dishes, or real science – what is table setting? It’s a whole complex of details, subject to the rules of etiquette and the principles of convenience. Therefore, if you want to leave a pleasant impression of your home with your guests, and simply create everyday comfort for loved ones, we invite you to learn the basics of table design. And even if your diet is far from haute cuisine, believe me, with the right serving and beautiful dishes, it will sparkle with new colors for all receptors.

Table Setting

Essential Components of a Table Setting

The first touch in the art of serving is the choice of tablecloth. The classics are sustained in colors, but win-win in creating an atmosphere: snow-white, milky, or cream canvases speak of solemnity. Colored fabrics or colorful prints are no less elegant, but they require other items to sound in unison: bowls, dishes, saucers, and salad bowls. At the same time, it is important that the tablecloth is in harmony not only with the color of the dishes but also with the interior of the room as a whole. Take note that a light service and transparent wine glasses without decors always look elegant on a multi-colored tablecloth.

The bet on modernity is a combination of two coatings. For example, when a smaller white tablecloth lies on a large colored tablecloth. Then the protruding bright edging creates a feeling of elegance. According to etiquette, the edges of the fabric should not be too short or too long. Ideally, they hang 20–40 cm below the table surface. And, of course, the fabric must be clean and perfectly ironed.

Arrange dishes and cutlery

The choice of dishes depends on the upcoming occasion. Elegant and concise – these are festive sets made of fine porcelain. Gracefully and tastefully – products from ceramics. And if we talk about glass sets, then this is universal. Moveton: combine sets made of different materials on the festive table.

Arrange dishes and cutlery

We take into account the following points:

  • The first is a special coaster plate. Regardless of the change of dishes, it always remains on the table as a base, on which table and soup plates are placed.
  • Plates are located 2-5 cm from the edge of the table. It is about two fingers wide. The spacing should be comfortable for guests so that no one touches the neighbor with their elbow and at the same time freely reaches for the dishes.
  • The glasses are to the right of the plate or in front of it at a distance of 1 cm from each other. They should be clean, shiny, and without streaks. Ideally, if the glasses, glasses, and wine glasses are from the same series. This will create a sense of harmony.
  • The number and type of cutlery depend on the intended dishes. The table knife is placed to the right of the plate with the blade towards it. Next comes a knife for meat and fish. If the feast involves first courses, a spoon is placed to the right of the knives with the spout up.
  • The forks are located to the left of the plate. They can be turned in any direction. It is believed that the position of the teeth is up – this is the English style, and down – the French.

Use of napkins

Where there is a celebration, there is a place for neatness. During the banquet, napkins are responsible for the cleanliness of clothes, which, according to etiquette, are placed directly on the plate. At the same time, they can be folded into a square, a triangle, or rolled into a roll, secured with a holder ring. You are not limited in imagination, so try all kinds of options.

Plain light-colored napkins made of fabric, pulled together with colored ribbons, will help to give a special charm. Blue, red, and gold colors always hit the notes of luxury. Disposable napkins can also be given a beautiful shape, which will certainly delight guests. Such little things speak of attention and the desire to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Features of the festive feast

Beautiful table setting is the key to the success of the entire event. The banquet will leave a maximum of positive emotions if:

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  • Choose the right cookware. Each individual celebration dictates its own rules. A wedding, anniversary, or housewarming is an occasion to get the most beautiful and high-quality tableware. Ideally, if it is thin porcelain.
  • Choose the right glasses. Their appearance depends on the drinks served. Closer to the plate is a glass of water, then a glass of wine, then a cup of tea.
  • Follow the same style. This is the basic rule of any serving. After all, even inexpensive dishes in the same style look harmonious.
  • Add little things. Interesting decorations: candles, beads, floral or fruit compositions, plant twigs, and transparent bowls with glass balls and sparkles – make the table conducive to pleasant communication.

It is important not to clutter up the space. For example, a bouquet of flowers should not overlap with guests sitting opposite each other. For a festive feast, kitchen textile sets are ideal, where the tablecloth and napkins are combined in color and texture.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Table Setting

Romantic Dinner

You always want to make a long-awaited evening for two in a cozy atmosphere unforgettable. In this case, the classic decor is appropriate – flowers and candles. Depending on the interior, they can be placed on the table and other surfaces. The romantic atmosphere is well complemented by a red tablecloth in combination with snow-white dishes. The color scheme in lilac, pink or blue tones are no less consonant with love motifs.

Romantic Dinner

Festive Dinner

The celebration requires a little more attention to detail and time to prepare. All serving elements should be in harmony with each other. The service, cutlery, and drinkware dominate the table, and the decor plays a complementary role.

Casual Dinner

For everyday table settings, instead of a tablecloth, a napkins-substrate is suitable. They are practical and very diverse in shapes and textures. You can add them to any dish. Multi-colored plates and bright goblets will add color to even the grayest everyday life, and plain dishes will perfectly complement the Scandinavian style, the minimalism of which captivates with consistency.

And in conclusion, we say that for a festive serving, it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion. Make it a rule to live here and now, living every moment with joy in your soul, a twinkle in your eyes, and love in your heart.


FAQ 1: How do I set a table in a small space?

If you have a small space, you can still set a nice table! Choose a smaller table or a folding table if you need to save space. Use smaller plates and bowls to fit everything nicely. You can also fold your napkins instead of using napkin rings. Remember to keep things organized and tidy!

FAQ 2: Should I use a special plate for casual meals?

For casual meals, you don’t need to use fancy plates. But if you want to make it look extra nice, you can use special plates called charger plates. Charger plates come in different colors and designs. They go under your regular plates and add a touch of elegance to your table.

FAQ 3: Where should I put the bread plate and knife?

The bread plate goes on the left side, above your forks. It’s a small plate just for your bread. The butter knife goes on the bread plate, with the sharp side facing inwards. If you’re sharing butter, you can also put a butter dish on the table for everyone to use.

FAQ 4: Can I use something different as a centerpiece?

Absolutely! You can get creative with your centerpiece. Instead of using flowers or candles, you can use things like books or small toys. Just make sure it’s not too big and doesn’t block anyone’s view. Your centerpiece should match the theme or feel of the meal you’re having.

FAQ 5: How can I make a nice table without spending too much money?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a nice table setting. Look for affordable dishes and glasses at discount stores or second-hand shops. You can also make your own decorations using things like flowers or leaves from your garden. Get crafty and have fun without breaking the bank!