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How interesting to wrap a gift: 5 Amazing Hacks

Wrap a gift Of course, you can just wrap gifts in the store or wrap them yourself in glossy colored paper. But we invite you to approach this matter creatively, because we are sure that interesting packaging increases the value of the present, and then it will definitely be remembered.

Gift decor ideas

How Interesting Is It to Wrap a Gift?

1: Craft

Instead of the usual gift paper, you can use ecological craft paper. This package looks very stylish and festive if you add a little decoration to it. Natural decor goes well with kraft paper: dried orange slices, cones, green twigs, dried flowers, etc. But you can fantasize as you like and decorate the package with small Christmas balls, buttons, vintage postcards, photos, homemade snowflakes, and paper flowers.

And also plain kraft paper is a real canvas for creativity because it can be painted with patterns, written wishes on it, and much more to do with it. The result will be impressive and, most importantly, unique.

2: Individual

Do you want to present an interesting gift to a friend who loves to travel? Pack it on paper with a geographical map (even a school atlas will do). A musician will definitely remember a gift wrapped in paper with notes and decorated with bells, and a photographer or movie lover will definitely remember a gift made of film. As a wrapper, you can use newspapers, crossword puzzles, and even sheets from a notebook, with the right approach, look original.

3: Textile

I wonder why today no one uses this pleasant-to-the-touch material for gift wrapping? Yes, it is far from the cheapest, but very warm and cozy. By the way, wrapping the boxes in the fabric is even easier than in paper, and you can decorate them not only with silk ribbon but also with Christmas tree cones, dried or textile flowers, buttons, yarn pom-poms, lace – whatever. And for packing a large box, you can use an old knitted sweater.

4: Minimalistic

Wrap the package in plain paper, tie it with a matching ribbon, and add a wish card – it sounds unusual, but it looks very stylish. Try it!

5: A bag for anything

If your gift is too small or has a non-standard shape, you can make a gift bag out of fabric or paper and decorate it in any way: with a bow, natural materials, flowers, butterflies, cones, wrapped candies, etc.

 gift wrapping techniques

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Gift decor ideas

  • Dried leaves (you can even bay), flowers;
  • Dried orange rings (can be made in the oven or a special dryer);
  • Spices: clove stars, cinnamon sticks;
  • Coffee beans;
  • Christmas twigs and cones;
  • Paper snowflakes;
  • Postcards or photos;
  • Silk ribbons;
  • Jute or other ropes;
  • Remnants of lace;
  • Fabric flowers;
  • Feathers (real or paper);
  • Berries (rose hips, mountain ash);
  • Christmas balls;
  • Pompoms from the remnants of yarn;
  • Wrapped candies;
  • Buttons and other little things.

wrap a gift

FAQs of wrap a gift

Q1: How can I make gift wrapping more fun and interesting?

Answer: There are several ways to make gift wrapping more enjoyable. You can experiment with different wrapping paper patterns, try unique folding techniques, incorporate personalized tags or stickers, or even add small surprises or trinkets to the wrapping.

Q2: Can gift wrapping be a creative outlet?

Answer: Absolutely! Gift wrapping provides a creative outlet for expressing your individuality and artistic flair. You can mix and match colors, experiment with different textures and materials, and even add your own handmade decorations or embellishments.

Q3: Are there any eco-friendly gift wrapping options?

Answer: Yes, there are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gift wrapping. You can use recycled or recyclable wrapping paper, opt for reusable fabric wraps or furoshiki, or even repurpose materials like newspapers, maps, or old calendars for a unique and environmentally friendly touch.

Q4: How can I improve my gift wrapping skills?

Answer: Practice makes perfect! You can enhance your gift wrapping skills by watching tutorial videos, attending workshops, or simply experimenting with different techniques. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and learn from your own experiences.

Q5: Is there a way to make gift wrapping more efficient and time-saving?

Answer: Yes, there are ways to streamline the gift wrapping process. You can create a designated wrapping station with all the necessary materials, pre-cut and pre-measured wrapping paper, and organize your ribbons and bows for easy access. Additionally, using tools like double-sided tape or tape dispensers can save time and make the wrapping process smoother.

Q6: Can gift wrapping be a therapeutic activity?

Answer: Absolutely! Many people find gift wrapping to be a therapeutic and relaxing activity. It allows you to focus on the present moment, engage your creativity, and create something beautiful. It can be a wonderful way to unwind and destress.

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