Balcony Organization

Guide to Complete Decluttering and Balcony Organization {2023}

Someone lives in a spacious three-room “Stalinka”, and someone lives in a tiny studio in a new building, someone has enough space for work and hobbies of each family member, and someone can do something of their own only at the kitchen table “on the second shift” when everyone has dinner. But both in the “Stalinka” and in the studios there is a separate area – His Majesty the balcony, which is most often used either for storing not very necessary things or is not used at all. I suggest you free this space and arrange it according to your taste and needs.

How to free the balcony

How to free the balcony

  • We are reviewing. This means sorting out everything that lies on the balcony – all boxes, cabinets, shelves, niches, and mezzanine.
  • We throw away everything superfluous. If you have that anecdotal one ski, you know what to do with it. What has not been used for years and lies in boxes “just in case” will not be useful to you. Rubbish – throw it away, something good, but you don’t need it – attach it through bulletin boards or social networks.
  • We analyze seasonal preparations. If you close tomatoes and cucumbers, cook jam and compotes, most likely there are stickers on the jars with the date of preparation. If on your balcony there are jars that someone once gave you, and you no longer remember what is inside and when it got into your house, it is better to send them to the trash can.

Balcony design options

1) Green zone

Do you love plants and dream of your garden? The balcony will be your outlet. In recent years, “balcony” gardening has been gaining momentum – building hypermarkets offer not only mini-greenhouses, but also a huge selection of plant varieties and different pots, soil mixtures, and irrigation systems, and the number of articles and blogs on the Internet in which enthusiasts share their experience is increasing. and practical tips for growing flowers and various herbs like mint, basil, or thyme.

2) Terrace

If you are lucky with the view and your balcony overlooks a quiet courtyard or a beautiful square, arrange it for a weekend tea party or evening gatherings with friends, wine, and cheese. Garden furniture is great for arranging a mini-terrace, and a couple of flowerpots with flowers or herbs will make it especially atmospheric.

Balcony design Terrace

3) Lounge area

If you have a loggia, and its area allows you to make a recreation area, consider placing a small sofa with pillows, poufs, or even a hammock here. Reading, listening to music, watching movies, and talking on the phone in such a place can be very pleasant.

4) Office or workshop

This a task with an asterisk, since the arrangement of the office requires insulation and glazing, as well as lighting and sufficient Internet speed. Pros: A secluded workspace, the ability to set aside enough space for hobbies (especially if it’s needlework) and keep all materials in order, and for those who work remotely, the option to separate work from home. While studying at the university, I was seriously interested in scrapbooking, and I set up a workshop on the balcony, using part of the sewing machine as a table, and a window sill for storing materials. In another apartment, I put a desk on the loggia, and from May to September I worked, listening to the chirping of sparrows outside the window.

5) Place for meditation

This idea is not suitable for an open balcony, but just right for a loggia. If you practice yoga and spiritual practices like meditation and affirmations, set up a corner for this. It is not necessary to decorate it in a typical Asian style, although such an aesthetic is conducive to meditation. By choosing a natural wood low table and live plants, you will create a suitable sense of grounding, wicker rugs, candles, and incense will enhance the association with retreats and slowing down. Do not get carried away with decor and an abundance of items – so as not to visually compress the space, and to make it easy to maintain order.

Balcony design Place for meditation

What can be used in the design of the loggia as a place for meditation:

  • Floor lamps with warm diffused light;
  • Candles;
  • Thai lanterns, garlands;
  • Wicker rugs and pillows with ornaments;
  • Macrame on the walls;
  • Plants;
  • Mirror;
  • Aromatic lamps, incense sticks;
  • A kind of altar with those items that give you strength (crystals, candles, images, shells and pebbles, palo santo sticks, etc.)

6) Storage area

And, of course, the loggia can be used exclusively for storage, equipping areas for work and leisure in the apartment itself. Instead of bulky wardrobes with hinged doors, use shelving and open shelves. For sports equipment (e.g. bicycles) use hooks and vertical placement. Under the windowsill, you can make shelves for jars of homemade jam and preserves. If you don’t want to give up the idea of ​​drinking coffee on the balcony, chatting with a friend and a glass of wine, or secluded there with a book and a croissant, look for poufs or a seating area with a niche inside – where you can store some things, keeping precious centimeters free.

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Repair and construction are usually costly processes. They require time, money, and effort, which is why many people hesitate to run this in their homes for a long time. Try starting with the smallest space in your apartment and I believe this step will make your home much cozier and more comfortable.


1. How often should I clean my balcony?

It’s a good idea to clean your balcony at least once every few months. This helps keep it neat and tidy and prevents dirt and dust from building up.

2. Can I use old furniture for my balcony?

Yes, you can! If you have old furniture that is still in good condition, you can use it on your balcony. Just make sure it’s clean and safe to use.

3. What kinds of plants can I put on my balcony?

You can put all sorts of plants on your balcony! Some popular choices are flowers like roses or petunias, herbs like basil or mint, and small trees or shrubs. Just make sure they get enough sunlight and water.

4. What should I do with things I don’t need anymore?

If you have things on your balcony that you don’t need anymore, you can donate them to someone who can use them or sell them at a garage sale. Recycling is also a good option for items that can be recycled.

5. How can I protect my balcony from bad weather?

To protect your balcony from bad weather, you can use a cover or tarp to keep it dry during rain or snow. If you have plants on your balcony, you can move them indoors during severe weather conditions.