10 Easy DIY Spring Home Decoration Ideas

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Home Decoration Ideas Once upon a time, our ancestors met the change of each season in a very symbolic way. Predominantly Christmas and New Year traditions and, to a lesser extent, Easter traditions have come down to us. We complain that time goes by too fast and nothing changes in life. So maybe it’s worth returning symbolism to your life, which will help you consciously notice every day. For example, it can be a good tradition to change the decor with the advent of the new season. This will allow you to decorate the space around you and feel: this is how life is this spring.

easy spring decorating ideas

So I have collected for you do-it-yourself spring decor ideas that will help make the interior of an apartment or house more interesting.

Importance of Home Decoration Ideas for Spring

Since one of the important tasks of spring hand-made decor is to help you consciously live this season, the details of the interior will resonate with what is happening around you, in particular, with the spring holidays. Therefore, the following elements are common:

  • Tree branches (flowering, seals, with first leaves);
  • Flowers (live or paper);
  • Eggs and feathers;
  • Figurines of rabbits and chickens.

There are many options in kitchen decor for how to style a vase, napkin holder, and dining area. The spring mood can also be manifested in the color of dishes, the colors of towels, and tablecloths.

During the spring holidays until Easter, the figures of hares, eggs as an element of the overall picture, and yellow chickens are especially popular. They can decorate arrangements of both cut flowers and those growing in pots.

Decoration of a vase for a bedroom or kitchen

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of spring to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room mantel decor is to place an arrangement of flowers and twigs in a vase. You can realize such an idea both on a budget and very luxuriously. And remember: the main thing is not the cost of the bouquet, but how you fit it into the general atmosphere of the room.

  • Flowers do not have to be taller than the vase itself. Look what an interesting composition comes out of just three tulips, stones, and a tall vase.
  • And here is a curious life hack to make the bouquet look lush, if there are not many flowers, and the neck is wide. Put the ring on the flowers, so that they are evenly distributed.
  • The vase itself can be crafted! Here, for example, is a simple idea of how to turn a tin can, twigs, and jute thread into an original spring decor. You can decorate according to your mood with beads or paper flowers.
  • Jute is generally quite convenient for decorating interior items in an apartment. It can turn any inexpensive glass vase into an interesting designer one.

By the way, the composition in the vase does not have to be made of flowers. As I already said, various branches, especially seals or those that are about to bloom, can be an independent “bouquet” and a good addition to tulips, gypsophila, or daffodils.

diy decor ideas

An original candlestick will come out of a glass vase. You don’t even have to look for glue! Tie branches plus or minus equal to the height of the vase with a ribbon, distribute flowers between them, pour stones into the vase itself, and put a candle. Perfect for the bedroom, dining table in the kitchen, or mantelpiece in the living room.

Upcycling Ideas

Another not quite common with us, but the very popular European version of spring decor for an apartment or house is a wreath on the door. You can create by analogy with Christmas :

  • Instead of a Christmas tree, use twigs.
  • Replace winter symbols with spring ones: flowers, eggs, feathers.

In general, there are no restrictions on creativity. You can place a wreath not only on the door but also in other places in the room instead of a panel. And yes, it can look different! Here are some original ideas:

  • Tender with white gypsophila;
  • Completely out of paper
  • With the addition of elements from book pages;
  • From felt;
  • With the addition of fresh flowers;
  • In the form of a hare for Easter.

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Interesting decoration elements for the spring holidays

Elements of spring decor can also be placed on the walls. The format depends on how radically you are ready to approach their consolidation. In minimalist versions, you can limit yourself to a few barely noticeable nails, in more daring ones, you will have to leave a tangible mark on the wallpaper. I will share ideas, and you choose!

  • Decorative panel on the wall. We need a circle contour and beads for the central part, into which flowers will be inserted. It is better to take dried flowers or replace the beads with beakers to add water for fresh flowers.
  • Branch and artificial flowers – an interesting installation on the wall. But for reliability, you will have to significantly perforate the wallpaper.
  • Even paper sleeves are suitable for a decorative panel. Just look at how you can combine them into a picture with artificial flowers.
  • Then there is an interesting flower panel you can make for bedroom decor.
  • You can decorate the mantelpiece with sprigs of greenery and flowering. It is better to take artificial ones or use a floral sponge (but for this it is worth looking for ideas on how to hide). The composition will be complemented by high candlesticks and a vase with a spring composition.
  • A board, nails, twigs, and a few bottles as vases – and another option is ready, how to decorate a mantelpiece or a table in the kitchen in spring.
  • You can decorate your home with interesting paper crafts. A variety of techniques are suitable: quilling, origami, and applications. Use shades of spring flowers and delicate greenery.
  • It is worth decorating not only an apartment or a house inside but also an external site. Here, for example, how stylish the first spring flowers can look in ordinary tin cans.

Interesting decoration elements for the spring holidays

Beautiful decor should be used not only during the spring holidays. It is useful to make it part of the interior of an apartment or house on an ongoing basis. After all, home is a place of strength and reset. And when you wake up to see the beauty, the mood will be formed accordingly!


Why should I consider DIY spring home decorations?

DIY spring home decorations can be a fun and rewarding way to personalize your living space while also saving money. Additionally, creating your own decorations allows you to tailor them to your own style and preferences.

What are some easy DIY spring home decoration ideas?

Some easy DIY spring home decoration ideas include creating a floral wreath for your front door, painting mason jars with pastel colors and filling them with fresh flowers, or using twine and clothespins to create a photo display with spring-themed images.

What are some budget-friendly DIY spring home decoration ideas?

Budget-friendly DIY spring home decoration ideas include repurposing old items, such as turning a vintage ladder into a plant stand or creating a vase from a recycled glass bottle. Additionally, using natural elements such as fresh flowers, branches, and greenery from your backyard can be a cost-effective way to add some springtime flair to your home.

Can I incorporate sustainable practices into my DIY spring home decorations?

Yes! There are many ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your DIY spring home decorations, such as using recycled materials, repurposing old items, and using natural elements instead of artificial ones.

How can I make sure my DIY spring home decorations are safe and durable?

To ensure your DIY spring home decorations are safe and durable, make sure to use quality materials and follow instructions carefully. Additionally, be mindful of any potential hazards such as sharp tools or flammable materials, and take appropriate safety precautions.