What Is an Advent Calendar? & How to Create One {2023}

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The anticipation of the upcoming holidays fills you with bright thoughts … The soul quietly rejoices at the approach of something fabulous, and numerous ideas arise in the head on how to make everyday life brighter and more interesting. And the advent calendar will set the mood for “jingle bells”! Considering its three components: festive decoration, symbolism, and usefulness, we get an original spiritual present that will make the expectation of the winter holidays or the beginning of the new year pleasant. Moreover, boxes with surprises can be formed for any budget for any of the family members and loved ones.

 advent calendar 2023

What is an advent calendar?

The Advent calendar or calendar of expectations is a tradition of Western Rite Christians that is associated with a special preparation for the Christmas holidays. Today, it has been quite successfully transformed and is used not only on Christmas Eve. You can time the calendar to any date: birthday, New Year, or even the beginning of a vacation (vacation). In fact, such a glider with windows allows you to calmly prepare for a special day without any hassle, set a special mood, and tune in to the positive. What distinguishes it is that the preparation process acquires a creative character. Today, the possibilities of Advent are significantly expanded both in content and in the form of presentation.

DIY Advent calendar interesting ideas

A minimum of trifles and a maximum of imagination will allow you to make an advent calendar with your own hands in a matter of hours.

1. How many days are left until the holiday

The number of windows in the calendar will depend on the number of dates.

Advent calendar interesting ideas

2. Think about the shape

Small socks or gloves on clothespins, glass jars, felt pockets, windows-stars in the sky made of Whatman paper, a tower made of cardboard boxes, a garland streamer made of craft bags, a Christmas tree made from cocktail tubes or disposable opaque cups. Just look in your creative piggy bank or look around. We are sure that in your house there will definitely be gift paper, bright fabric or napkins, baskets, bags, or envelopes. Anything can be customized!

3. Filling is the most important stage

For children, a two-component content is usually selected: tasks and a motivational “zest”. These can be themed sweets (different in each window), a small toy, hair ornaments for girls, or a map that will tell you where the hidden gift is. If a child, for example, collects animal figurines, is fascinated by some kind of cartoon character, or likes to collect construction toys, hide the appropriate things in boxes/bags/envelopes.

Advent calendar Filling

To prepare tasks, it is necessary to take into account the age of the child if desired – personal hobbies.

  1. When choosing tasks for preschoolers, start from the knowledge that you have planned to form at this stage. It can be geometric shapes, alphabet, colors, numbers, etc. We consider how many days have passed, and how many are left, and we find the indicated number of red squares in the room. We take a magnifying glass for a walk in order to examine in detail the various forms of snowflakes and at the same time develop vocabulary, choosing epithets. We observe the melting of snow on the palms, and at the same time, we explain the water cycle in nature and the various states of water (liquid, steam, ice).
  2. School children are interested in conducting various experiments (making soap, sweets, candles), and participating in the preparation of festive decor and menu formation. Most teenagers are passionate about blogging. Therefore, they will agree with pleasure to come up with a script and record an interesting video. For younger students, you can take some kind of fairy tale as a basis, mold the characters from plasticine, and shoot using stop motion (moving objects in the frame, which results in an animated video). Alternate practical and creative tasks. Instead of master classes, offer winter fairy tale reading, candlelight dinners, or heartfelt conversations about good deeds throughout the year.
  3. If you choose a course for versatility, then think over the content in such a way as to recreate the magic of expectation as much as possible and create a festive atmosphere. Watching themed cartoons, a walk, and a photo shoot among New Year’s locations on the street, preparing a music playlist for the holiday, and baking. You are not limited by any limits!
  4. Consider the traditions of your family and the tastes and preferences of its members. Make one day a week special: ice skating or a trip to the forest – all this forms common emotions and brings them together. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the poster of events in the city in advance.

Putting together a cosmetic advent calendar

For children

Children’s Advent can be filled not only with sweets but also with pleasant little things for beauty and care. Offering surprises in the form of cosmetic gifts for little ladies and dandies, as a result, you can get a full-fledged box of useful products. Collecting it will be very exciting!

cosmetic advent calendar

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  • Favored by many toddlers, Crazy Mo bath products are full of fun things to create an atmosphere of play while bathing. This a great opportunity to collect a complete collection with different properties and flavors!
  • Honey Bunny Miss children’s cosmetics – both individual products and ready-made cases are presented here. There are a lot of ideas for impromptu: give clues where the chest is hidden, or divide the contents for different dates.
  • Honey Bunny toothpaste is a health-conscious gift. Replenishing care products will never be superfluous!
  • Bubchen Shampoo and Jewelry is a complete story for your personalized advent, which will be dedicated to the beauty of hair. Which of the girls does not dream of curls, like Rapunzel?
  • A separate place – children’s perfumes! Here you will find something special for both boys and girls: pocket, in holiday packages, with your favorite characters. For every taste and color.

For adults

What about Advent for adults? We are also waiting for a miracle! In our rhythm of life, you always want to stop for a moment to pamper yourself. Cosmetic advent can be prepared for anyone from the environment. The main thing: take into account the age, gender, and human needs and collect with love!

A beauty advent calendar is an impromptu box where cosmetic care products, decorative products, or perfume compositions can be hidden. Both full-fledged bottles and travel formats (mini-versions) of those products that we wanted to protest for a long time, but did not have the opportunity, can get there. And here she is found! — The opportunity to try a wide variety of products from different brands and decide which acquaintances will be continued.

  • A selection of decorative products will allow you not to think about makeup for the whole next year. Inspect your own cosmetic bag and decide what exactly it lacks to turn you into a real party star. Perhaps the glitters haven’t settled there yet, or is it time to update the eyeshadow palette?
  • Advent with care products will be no less relevant. You can prepare it not only for yourself but also to present it to your mother, sister or close friend. As gifts, choose universal products: lip balm, bombs, or bath salts. Complete them with wish words or motivational prediction quotes!
  • And for girls who dream of the radiance of healthy hair, you can pick up a whole range of products: vitamin complexes, sprays, oils, masks, and ampoules.
  • You can also choose a mixed format of gifts. Men including! Mix various products for him in the calendar, so you can not worry about the need to replenish cosmetics for care for a long time.

How to arrange a cosmetic advent?

For packaging, you can use boxes of different sizes, wrapping, for example, craft paper with number stickers. Or take gift bags of the same color, stringing them with a rope or silver ribbon. Another option is to collect Advent in a wicker basket or simply fix the tasks of the quest on the calendar, the completion of which will lead to presents. If the surprises are small in size, then take as a basis any idea for designing a children’s calendar, having thought over the opening sequence.

How to arrange a cosmetic advent

What kind of advent format do you like: edible, cosmetic, or with tasks? Share in the comments if you started such a tradition in your family. We will be glad to hear about your chips in preparation for the holidays!

FAQs of Advent Calendar

1. What is the history of advent calendars?

Advent calendars originated in Germany in the early 19th century as a way to mark the days leading up to Christmas.

2. What are some common types of advent calendars?

Some common types of advent calendars include traditional paper calendars, chocolate calendars, beauty calendars, and alcohol calendars.

3. Can advent calendars be reused?

Many advent calendars can be reused year after year, making them a more sustainable choice than traditional single-use gifts.

4. Are there religious-themed advent calendars?

Yes, some advent calendars may have a religious theme, featuring a biblical verse or story behind each door.

5. Are advent calendars only for children?

No, advent calendars can be enjoyed by people of all ages!