How to Decorate Your Home for the New Year: Tips and Ideas {2023}

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Decorate your home: New Year’s mood is unthinkable without decorations: sparkling garlands, candles, Christmas decorations, and other festive decor.

New Year's decor in the Year

New Year’s decor in the Year of the Tiger

Even those who do not strongly believe in Eastern horoscopes are interested in how to appease a new patron and how to decorate a house for the New Year. At a minimum, for a general presentation or a joke for the sake of, and as a maximum – for festive inspiration and good luck in the coming year.

To make friends with the owner of the year and spend 2023 happily, in festive decorations and table setting, you should give preference to “watery” shades:

  • All the colors of the sea;
  • Silvery;
  • White.

In addition to water, another symbol of the new year will be a tree, and therefore shades can be added to the color scheme:

  • Sand;
  • Green;
  • Gold.

But what you should avoid is all predatory and cat prints. The tiger does not tolerate competition and does not like to share prey, and therefore decorating a house for the New Year with tiger skin is not a good idea.

How to Decorate your home for the New Year

We offer to complement the atmosphere with the help of garlands, candles, Christmas balls, pine needles, and ribbon bows.

Decorate your home with Fairy lights

You can decorate them with everything: furniture, walls, windows, and a festive table. An interesting idea on how to decorate a house for the New Year is to take a small battery-powered wire garland, place it inside a bottle or jar, and, like in a vase, put dried twigs or needles in it.

Decorate Your Home for the New Year Fairy lights

Decorate your home with Candles

They instantly add warmth and “light” to the interior, and it is not necessary to buy expensive designer candles. With the right approach, even the simplest white or floating ones will look very impressive.

How to decorate a house for the New Year with candles:
  • Put in a beautiful candelabra on the festive table;
  • Put on a flat dish in composition with cones, cinnamon sticks, and dried orange slices;
  • Put inside a decorated glass jar;
  • Place floating scented candles in glasses of water.

Christmas toys on branches

If you are leaving for the New Year holidays or just decided not to bother with the Christmas tree, you can use Christmas decorations in a bouquet of twigs or dress up a houseplant with them.

Christmas balls

You can put an impromptu Christmas tree on the door, make a garland, string it on a string, collect it in clusters and make pendants, and create a still life in a transparent vase in composition with other holiday attributes.

Drawings on the window

Even if you are not sure of your artistic talents, you can decorate windows for the New Year with the help of inscriptions, snowflakes, or armed with stencils. For this lesson, stained glass paint or artificial snow is useful, which can then be washed off with water.

Winter textiles

New Year’s Eve is a good occasion to add warmth to the interior with the help of “winter” textiles: a grandmother’s woolen plaid, fluffy pillowcases on sofa cushions in the living room, and flannelette bed linen. Update the textiles in the kitchen by buying a new tablecloth, runner, and napkins – and you will immediately feel the approach of the New Year!

How to decorate a room for the New Year with your own hands

If in normal times not every one of us is engaged in origami, makes crafts, and other needlework, then in the pre-New Year period, one wants to create something with one’s own hands to decorate the house for the New Year. Get inspired by these ideas:

Christmas stars made of paper

This traditional Christmas and New Year decoration can be used for wall decor or placed on a windowsill.

How to make a paper Christmas star
1. Required materials:
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • 2 sheets of colored paper.
Christmas stars made of paper
2. First you need to make one half of the star:
  • Fold the paper in four;
  • Unfold and make marks in the middle of each fold with a pencil;
  • Fold diagonally twice – the folds should make a snowflake;
  • Along the lines of transverse folds, make cuts to pencil marks;
  • Make the rays of a star: bend the incised sides to a diagonal fold;
  • Overlap glue the sides with each other.
3. From the second sheet of paper, make the second half of the star.
4. Glue them together.

Christmas wreath

An original Christmas wreath with your own hands can be made from a vine, and decorated with coniferous branches, cones, and other festive attributes. Or you can weave it completely from spruce branches: real or artificial and decorate the front door of a house or apartment with it for the New Year.

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Gingerbread decorations

Such fragrant and tasty decor can be used as Christmas decorations or make a gingerbread house. You can find the dough recipe in our article on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Roll it out not too thin, and cut out six rectangles with a knife: four for the walls and two for the roof. And when the gingerbread cookies are ready and completely cooled, use sugar icing to glue them into a house.

Citrus Decor

To create a festive aroma in the house, a pomander will help – an orange decorated with carnation stars. And if you’re heading for sustainability in your holiday decor this year, use pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and dried oranges to decorate your rooms for the New Year.

How to dry an orange for decoration:
  • Cut the orange into thin slices.
  • Put it on a plate.
  • Dry in an oven at a low temperature (50–100 °C).
  • The drying time is about 4 hours, but it all depends on the thickness of the slices and the features of the oven.
How to make a dried orange garland:
  • Carefully make holes in the dried slices.
  • Glue star anise in the center.
  • Pull the rope through the holes.
  • Hang on a wall, window, or Christmas tree, or spread out on a festive table.
Scented candles can be made from the peel of oranges:
  • Cut the orange in half.
  • Extract the pulp.
  • Insert a wick inside the skin.
  • Pour melted wax with a few drops of orange oil.

New Year’s decor from cones

Cones are another participant in the New Year’s decor, with which you can make pendants, Christmas tree toys, garlands, and wreaths, and decorate a table or porch with them for the New Year. The best part is that it is a natural material, the use of which does not harm the environment.

Decorate your home for the New Year is guaranteed to create a festive mood: magical, romantic, and joyful. You can enhance the feeling of the upcoming holiday by sending handwritten congratulations to family and friends by mail – you can find ideas for New Year’s cards at the link. And we wish you pleasant creativity!