Top 10 Warm Books For Winter Evenings

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Top 10 Warm Books What to do on a winter evening? For example, read something interesting, enjoyable, and immersed in a special atmosphere. We offer to find out which books are recommended for reading in the winter.

So, if you are fond of reading and love books, then check out the top 10 interesting and warm books that are ideal for winter evenings:

“Patience Of The Devil”

If you prefer realistic naturalistic scenes, disturbing and sometimes provocative images, and gloomy surroundings, then you will like the work written by Maxim Chatham. An ordinary drug raid turns into a real chilling horror for the police brigade: in one of the cars, law enforcement officers discover a terrible and strange find – packages with pieces of the human body. But who could be interested in such a terrible product? At the same time, a massacre involving teenagers takes place on one of the trains. Mutilated corpses are found all over the city. Soon, Lieutenant Ludivina realizes that the events are somehow connected to each other. She begins an investigation and realizes that the devil himself has entered the scene, having remained behind the scenes for a long time.


If you want something light and humorous, read Slava Se’s book with a telling title. This work can become a balm for the soul, a catalyst for a good mood, and a cure for winter blues. When vision deteriorates, the surrounding things noticeably improve: women look more attractive, the apartment is cleaner, and the shortcomings are not so significant. The author tells about what men and women need for happiness, and how they get this happiness. A woman will be pleased with a glass of good wine, a conversation with a friend and an exciting trip. And for a man – specific numbers such as the weight of the fish caught or the gasoline consumption of a car. He owns all the achievements, and the shortcomings are the shame of the wife.


“Love Me Less”

The author Svetlana Slizhen talks about the mockery of fate. Whose life seemed carefree and happy to you? Most likely, you just have no idea about it. For example, the life of the main character Natasha seems to be a continuous holiday, but she gives fun to others, while she herself does not see any reason for joy. She is soft, trusting, gentle and honest, she gives herself to love with her head – just an ideal! But does she need it, is it not dangerous, not harmful? And fate makes Natalya another hint that it’s time to learn to be self-sufficient and cold-blooded. And when life throws up an unpleasant surprise, faithful friends come to the rescue, drawing Natasha into a risky adventure designed to change the character and worldview of the girl.

“Sweetness On The Crust Of The Pie”

Plus “The Weed in the Hangman’s Bag” in one special edition by Alan Bradley. Under one cover fit two fascinating and action-packed stories about the adventurer and adventurer Flavia de Luce. She is the youngest daughter of the last representative of a noble family, living in an old huge estate in England. Once in a quiet place, two high-profile events take place at once: the arrest of a local colonel and the murder of a mysterious stranger. This excites the young eleven-year-old Flavia: the girl takes up the investigation and reveals secrets that some were afraid to remember.

Grave in the Mountains by Mikael Yurt and Hans Rosenfeldt. This book is a must-read for fans of atmospheric thrillers. Tourists find themselves in the forest and discover six skeletons buried in the wilderness, belonging to two children and four adults. But who were they during their lifetime, and under what circumstances did they die? And what does the long-lost immigrant Hamid have to do with them? The Swedish police are slowly but surely moving towards a solution. And although the criminal psychologist Sebastian is more concerned about his personal life, he will also play an important role in the case.

“Nine Elms”

This creation by Robert Bryndza will especially captivate fans of thrillers featuring the legendary Cannibal Lecter. In a fascinating and action-packed story that tells about the selfless struggle of the detective for his own salvation. For a long time, Kate was a talented police officer who thought like a killer and brilliantly solved the most difficult cases. Only one investigation was not given to Marshall: she was unable to find and neutralize the maniac, whom everyone called the Cannibal of Nine Elms. And when the trace of the criminal was lost, he himself found the pursuer. Then everything ended well, but now an imitator of Cannibal decided to break into Kate’s quiet life, intending to complete what his idol had begun.

“The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart”

The book, written by Holy Ringland, tells the story of a girl who has been fond of flowers since childhood. And although as she grows up, Alice faces traumatic situations, she maintains a zest for life. The existence of the nine-year-old heroine consists of her three passions: books, fire, and flowers. She and her parents live by the sea, but the despot father strictly forbids his daughter and wife to leave the house. Then the mother decides to teach the girl the language of plants. But an event occurs that irrevocably changed the fate of Alice. On her grandmother’s flower farm, a girl meets friends in misfortune, gradually reveals family secrets, and faces the betrayal of a loved one. Alice realizes that not all words can be conveyed by flowers.

“The Mysterious Language Of Honey”

The author of the book, Christina Kaboni, managed to tell readers about the various emotions of the main character: honey-sweet, soft-creamy, spicy-spicy, and alluring-nutty. Angelica is easy-going and always ready to travel, but only in one place does she feel peace and tranquility – in the garden with its buzzing inhabitants. Here she is really happy to watch the flutter, listen to the buzz, and involuntarily plunge into a swarm of bees. The girl knows the language of these insects, she knows all the secrets of honey, and she is able to choose a taste for everyone. And one day she will get a chance to be where she feels needed and loved.

“Let Your Will Be Done”

This is another creation by Maxim Shattam, immersing readers in a small calm town called Carson Mills, surrounded by forests, strewn with small houses, and covered with fields. Everyone here is familiar, and secrets are so hard to hide. Jon Petersen became a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey. This is the true embodiment of evil, the product of the devil himself. All who encounter this terrible man reveal their basest instincts. And you will certainly find yourself in the path of Jon.

Why can’t we love? The book was written by Vyacheslav Prah and is a frank dialogue about the search for oneself, the path to the chosen one. It is written here about everyone and everyone, about how important it is to love yourself in order to open your soul to another and let real feelings into it. Do you want to understand yourself? Be sure to read this piece.
It was a list of books that can and should be read on winter evenings. For more interesting information visit our site.

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