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Thelma Riley Biography is an entrepreneur, investor, and businesswoman best known as the ex-wife of Heavy Metal artist Ozzy Osbourne. Over the years, Riley has built a phenomenal career and lifestyle for herself, becoming one of the most successful women in entertainment.

Thelma Riley is an English cabaret singer and activist. She is best known as the ex-wife of legendary rock singer Ozzy Osbourne. Though their marriage ended in a very public divorce, Thelma remains memorable for her unique contributions to music and charity work. Here are five facts about her life, career, and activism:

1. Early Life

Thelma was born on January 18, 1948, in Burlington, England. Her mother was a homemaker while her father worked odd jobs around the neighborhood. Growing up with few financial resources, she often relied on singing and music to pass time when money was tight.

2. Musical Career

After finishing high school, Thelma moved to London where she started her musical career as a club singer in 1979 at the popular Angus McIndoe’s Club. Throughout her early career, she gained notoriety within certain circles due to her powerful live performances and upbeat style of songwriting which blended disco music with harder-hitting club beats.

3. Marriage

In 1982 she met Ozzy Osbourne through mutual friends after one of his concerts in Birmingham, England. They had an instant connection that eventually led them to marry on July 4th of 1982 at Kensington Palace Gardens in London before close family and friends only—resulting in one of the most publicized celebrity weddings at the time!

4. Activism

In addition to undertaking several philanthropic initiatives within the U.K., Thelma also established the Rainbow Children’s Foundation which aims to provide food, shelter, and counseling services to underprivileged children living in African nations such as Angola, Ethiopia, and Kenya—in support of which she regularly hosts fundraisers across Europe each year staffed by both herself and family members including Sharon (now Mrs. Osbourne). Also, visit How To Take Great Neon Photos Tips From an Online Photography School.

5. Legacy 

Thelma has been widely recognized for her charitable works as well as achievements within entertainment having featured many times on television shows such as Sting’s ‘Bring Me Music To Life’ (BBC1) along with numerous interviews for radio stations worldwide—including BBC Radio 2 where once again alongside fellow celebrities John Cusack & Jennifer Saunders paid tribute to her late husband Ozzy Osbourne during a special show dedicated specifically towards his life & legacy!

The Early Years

Riley was born in Birmingham, England. She married up-and-coming heavy metal artist Ozzy Osbourne in 1982 and together they had three children, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Aimee Osbourne. Riley quickly became an important part of her husband’s success, playing integral roles in his career by managing tour press coverage, bookings, and other business-related tasks.

Thelma Riley’s Business Career After Divorce

In 1989 At 36 years old at the time of their divorce due to her husband’s infidelity, Riley received a not insignificant divorce settlement which allowed her to pursue a number of business opportunities intriguing to her. Using the settlement money and investments from friends she created Red Hot Media. This company launched over 50 products including music compilations like Top Gun: The Album and Terror on the Dance Floor as well as over 20 interactive games for various platforms, both online and console alike.

Ripple Effect Investment Group Ventures:

In 2015 Thelma started the Ripple Effect Investment group which served as a seed investment group investing heavily in tech companies such as Appthority that offer solutions for enterprise security solutions to secure mobile applications used by large businesses across industries globally, Panoram Technologies which creates 3D Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate Platforms among other projects on the horizon. Aside from her business endeavors she currently serves on several boards including Chateau Elan Winery & Resort located outside Atlanta Georgia, Life Women’s Health Center located In Manhattan Beach California, People Ready formerly (Labor Ready) located in Tacoma Washington, Washington Neighborhood Clinic located In Tacoma & Seattle Washington, Seattle Symphony Orchestra located In Seattle Washington, SportsLine Fantasy Sports Inc. based out of Dallas Texas & FTMGR Music Group Based Out Of Los Angeles California.

Creating a Legacy:

Thelma is creating a legacy – both inside and outside the entertainment industry. As CEO of Red Hot Media LLC, she was proudly named Entrepreneurial Woman Of The Year 2002 By Our Town Magazine in Los Angeles California. She works tirelessly to help nurture new talent through Connections Talent Agency near Burbank California. She provides guidance along with mentorship to many entrepreneurial hopefuls looking to make their mark in media/entertainment across all facets television film writing acting music etc… All with wanting to harness their inner passion into something easily marketable. That alone cements Thelma’s legacy not just permanent but legendary!

How Much is Thelma Riley’s Net Worth?

Thelma Riley has a reported net worth of $5 million as of 2020. Although she began her professional career on television in the 1980s, she had accumulated wealth long before then. Her estimated net worth comes primarily from her successful career in television and film but some of it comes from investments that have paid off in the long run.

Relationship with Ozzy Osbourne:

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most influential rock stars in music history. His unique brand of heavy metal has been responsible for inspiring generations of fans, and his many tattoos have become iconic symbols of rebelliousness and creativity. But there’s more to Ozzy than just his incredible music; he also has a deep and meaningful relationship with his fans that transcends traditional barriers.

Ozzy Osbourne’s connection with his fans is based on a level of familiarity that only few musicians are able to achieve. He often goes out of his way to interact with them, answering their questions and addressing them as if they were old friends. In live shows, he encourages audience participation by having them join him in singing along or playing instruments onstage. Even when it’s not a full-on concert, Ozzy takes every opportunity to make sure that everyone who supports him feels appreciated. He regularly hands out autographs at signings, thanking each fan for coming out or making sure they know how much he values their support.

Did Ozzy Osbourne have any children with his first wife?

Ozzy Osbourne had three children with his first wife Thelma Riley. They included daughter Jessica Hobbs and sons Louis John Osbourne and Elliot Kingsley Osbourne. Throughout his marriage to Thelma, Ozzy was also a devoted father who looked out for the best interests of all three of their children. Despite the couple’s eventual divorce in 1982, Ozzy has remained close to his children and is happily married to his second wife Sharon.

At the end:

Overall, Thelma Riley may not be widely known, but her influence on the life and career of Ozzy Osbourne cannot be understated. Although faced with many challenges as the ex-wife of a rockstar, she persevered to provide unwavering support and guidance for both her husband and their family; today she remains a private figure, yet her deep impact on Ozzy is undeniable. For more interesting information visit our website.

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