How To Stay Motivated And Achieve Everything Your Goals

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How to stay motivated Each of us often has periods in life when the work that needs to be done is not at all desirable. This is where you think about how to increase motivation. Let’s first understand what personal motivation (self-motivation) is.

Self-motivation is when a person encourages himself to take certain actions. Motivation plays an incredibly important role in achieving personal success.

I think that it is no secret to anyone that a person will never do any difficult or monotonous work if he does not have any incentive or motivation. If there is no incentive, then laziness will take over, and we ourselves will find or come up with all sorts of reasons, and difficulties that will interfere with the implementation of the main task.

how to stay motivated to achieve

How to stay motivated?

How to stay motivated To achieve success in the shortest possible time, you need to increase your motivation in all conceivable or unthinkable ways.

Motivation is the driving force, the “motor” that will lead us to the desired goal. So, how can you start this engine?

How To Increase Motivation: Tips

1. Constantly remind yourself of your goal, and visualize it. For example: for a long time I wanted to get myself an iPhone 4s. But I could not do this, because finances did not allow me to do this (more precisely, I had financed, but I needed to spend them on more important things). And then what I did – I decided that in order to achieve the desired goal, you need to earn even more. To earn more, you need to work more. Working for a long time is annoying because there are a lot of distractions, and various reasons appear that prevent you from sitting down and doing what you planned.

And what did I do? I just put the Apple logo on my desktop. And now, when I turn on my laptop, I constantly see what I want to achieve at this stage. In addition, I began to periodically watch videos that compared iPhones with other phones, showing their advantages. And you know, it motivated me a lot – I began to work harder because I knew what I wanted to achieve. As a result, in just a couple of months, I became the owner of a new white iPhone 4s.

2. Reward your accomplishments. Completed all the work that was planned for the day – you can safely sit down, play computer games, or watch TV. I started earning more – spending money not only on the things I needed but also treating myself a little to the acquisitions that I dreamed about. And you will be lazy – you will not see anything of this.

3. Reading books on self-motivation, and attending various pieces of training. For some, this is very helpful.

4. Well, nothing boosts motivation like stories of other people’s successes! Read a similar story in the niche you work in and you’ll see that it’s a pretty good kick in the ass. As an example: I am engaged in the creation and promotion of sites. With some, I’ve had some success, with some I haven’t. The reason that I didn’t achieve what I really wanted is ordinary human laziness. Now imagine how I was motivated by real stories, when people who have dozens of times less experience than I worked hard for several months in such a way that it would not seem enough to develop their sites, and as a result now have highly profitable sites that you need to spend no more than 2 hours per week. This really motivates you to work hard for several months just like they do, so that later, with a sense of accomplishment,

5. Compare yourself only to yourself. If you don’t want all your enthusiasm to fade at the initial stage, by no means compare yourself to others.

Do not look at how much you still have to go towards your goal but look at what you have already achieved!

6. Forget about the past. Mistakes made in the past prevent you from moving forward. Think only about a new day that can give you a chance to fix everything!

7. Surround yourself with positive people. Agree, if you want to become a turnstile, it is better to surround yourself with people who have the same hobby, who can tell you, and who support you at any moment. And if you are surrounded by a tipsy company, which has one goal – to get drunk and smoke, of course, what kind of motivation can we talk about here?

8. Well, the best advice, after which you will know how to increase motivation: “To hell with everything. Take it and do it” (Richard Branson). Stop reading this article and hope for how hard it is for you and what a hard life. Do you want to achieve something? Then do it! No one will do your job for you!

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