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How To Choose a Bouquet For The Head

How to Choose a Bouquet In our lives, there is always a place for a holiday, and it is difficult to imagine such days without a bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers. Usually, we give bouquets to close people, relatives, and loved ones. But still, such a gift is considered universal and is quite suitable for work colleagues and even the boss.

In this article, we will analyze which flowers are better to choose in order to present them as a gift to the leader, on what occasions it is customary to give bouquets, and what should not be forgotten in this or that case.

What Are The Bouquets For The Head? How to Choose a Bouquet

bouquet for the head

When choosing flowers, you should always focus on the taste of the person to whom this bouquet is intended. It’s great if you can find out in advance which flowers your manager likes and make a composition from them. Believe me, such a cunning tactical move will not go unnoticed. You can subtly find out about the tastes of the boss through his inner circle. Most often, the personal secretary is aware of such nuances.

If you cannot find out in advance what kind of flowers your boss likes, you can opt for one of the classic options: roses, tulips or lilies are always relevant, they look quite strict and formal, but at the same time, they can be a beautiful decoration for any holiday.

As a gift, you can present any of these options for variations (consider the occasion for which flowers are given):

  • Vip-bouquet is compiled by professional florists from certain types of flowers. When choosing plants for such a composition, the age category of the boss, his gender, social status, and, of course, the holiday on which this composition will be presented must be taken into account.
  • A classic bouquet is made of flowers of the same type and does not contain additional decorations or bright decor. This composition is ideal for minimalists who appreciate simplicity and elegance in a gift.
  • A mono-bouquet is created from flowers of one type and one color. Such compositions look very interesting in combination with bright, contrasting decor. For example, scarlet roses can be wrapped in white or yellow wrapping paper. To make the bouquet look more formal and restrained, you can choose flowers of calmer shades: white, teal, or burgundy.


When choosing colors, always consider the age of the boss. Young people are given bright bouquets, aged leaders are better off with saturated colors. Whatever bouquet you choose, a small postcard with warm wishes from the whole team will be a great addition to it.

On What Occasion Can You Present A Bouquet To Your Boss?

Present A Bouquet

Working days are also quite often diluted with holidays. As a rule, in a good friendly team, it is customary to congratulate each other on a variety of occasions. Naturally, the boss also participates in this friendly communication. You can give flowers to him for the following reasons:

  • Birthday. Naturally, it is this holiday that first of all comes to mind, because on such a day a person is used to receiving congratulations, wishes of all the best and pleasant gifts. A bouquet of flowers on such a day will be a great addition to the festive mood. To do this, you can choose a composition of roses, peonies, lilies or even carnations. A birthday bouquet, as a rule, should be quite voluminous, so it is better if the flowers are presented by the whole team at once. As an addition to the bouquet, you can attach a card with pleasant wishes.
  • March 8 or February 23. Of course, on such a holiday you should not ignore your leader, whether it be a man or a woman, he will still be pleased to receive flowers as a gift. You can give the boss roses, Callas, tulips, or mimosa. A combined bouquet of different types of flowers would also be appropriate. It is better for a man to choose more restrained plants. These are carnations, tulips, or roses of dark tones. At the same time, no decorations are required; an ordinary transparent film with a plain bow is perfect as packaging.
  • Professional holidays. Depending on what your company does and who your educational leader is, you can congratulate him on some professional day. In this case, a bouquet from the whole team will become not only a sign of attention but also a reminder that you value your boss and do not forget even about small dates.
  • Promotion. If your leader shines a higher post, then this is a great occasion to give him a bouquet of flowers. Yellow or orange flowers will be very relevant, as a symbol of success, achieving goals, and moving forward.

What Flowers Can Be Given To The Leader?

As we have already said, when choosing a bouquet, it is best to take into account the personal wishes of the person to whom this gift is intended. Nevertheless, there is a certain floral etiquette and types of plants that are considered universal and are perfect for a gift to the leader in any situation.

Leader bouquet

Let’s look at those types of colors that most successfully convey the atmosphere of restraint and subordination at work:

  • Roses. Where without the queen of flowers? A bouquet made up of them will appeal to almost any person, and a variety of shades will help you choose the perfect composition for any situation. Leaders are most often presented with blue, red, or burgundy roses.
  • Gladiolus. These strict and beautiful flowers are perfect for a gift to a male boss. In this case, it is better to choose red, burgundy, or purple inflorescences. For women, pink, yellow or orange gladioli are better suited, which can be wrapped in soft-colored wrapping paper.
  • Peonies – due to large inflorescences, they form very beautiful bouquets that look simply gorgeous. As a gift to the leader, you can choose a composition of pink or lilac peonies. It is worth noting that it is better not to choose bright red flowers in this situation since red is traditionally considered the color of passion and love, which would be inappropriate in a work team.
  • Callas. If you want to present an exotic bouquet, then you can safely choose these flowers, they look aristocratic and sophisticated, which will emphasize the status of your leader, his impeccable taste, and reputation.
  • Orchids are a wonderful gift for both men and women. It is very convenient that the plant can be presented directly in a pot, so your gift will decorate a window sill or a shelf in a closet in your boss’s office.

Unusual Bouquets For The Head:-

If you want to give something bright and memorable, but at the same time you don’t know how not to break the chain of command, then you can choose a composition of traditional flowers in bright shades. As an example, we can give the following options:

  • Bouquet of tulips. Most often, these flowers are associated with the day of March 8 and are considered a symbol of spring. Meanwhile, this is not entirely true. Tulips can be given for different holidays. Of course, this will be a great option for a gift on International Women’s Day to a leader, but even a man can be presented with a bouquet of tulips if you choose the right shade. A composition made up of yellow flowers will look very impressive because it is a symbol of well-being, abundance, and success in all endeavors. Such a bouquet will be not only a wonderful present, but also an unambiguous wish for wealth.
  • Bouquet of sunflowers. Such a simple flower at first glance, like a sunflower, is also a symbol of abundance, so it is quite appropriate to present such a gift to a leader. In addition to beauty and brightness, the sunflower will also convey a great mood, memories of summer, or dreams of an upcoming vacation.
  • Bouquets of field flowers. Daisies or cornflowers, collected in a composition and decorated with light decor, will look very interesting on the table of the head. Such a composition will add lightness to the working atmosphere, and create a mood of serenity and happiness.

The Most Unusual Bouquets For Executives:-

Bouquets For Executives

In addition to special flowers and exotic plants, you can also present the following options as a gift to the leader:

  • Bouquet of chocolates. Every day such a gift is gaining more and more popularity. This is not only a pleasant sign of attention, but also a delicious treat for tea drinking.
  • A bouquet of berries and fruits is an unusual present, quite appropriate if you have enough friendly relations in your team. Such a gift will be appreciated by young and original leaders. A bouquet can be assembled from seasonal berries, fruits, and even vegetables, it all depends on your imagination and the tastes of the recipient.
  • Bouquet of stationery. As a gift for a small holiday or a professional day, it will be interesting to receive such a composition assembled from pens, pencils, markers, and other things. If an atmosphere of humor and creativity reigns in your team, the boss will appreciate such an act.

how to choose a Bouquet Where Can I Buy A Bouquet For The Head?

Roses Bouquet

In order not to waste time and effort, you can order the desired composition on the website of the Flor2u store. The catalog contains a huge selection of bouquets for bosses:

  • compositions of roses or peonies;
  • orchids in pots;
  • gladioli;
  • wildflowers;
  • strict mono-bouquets for men;
  • bright author’s bouquets and much more.
  • In addition to flowers, you can choose from cards, chocolate or alcohol. Using the Flor2u
  • online store, you can easily and quickly purchase the bouquet you need, as well as order
  • its delivery directly to work at the exact time.

Entrust the preparation of bouquets to professionals, and you can’t go wrong!

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