15 Tips How to Clean Furniture and Carpets from Wool

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Clean Furniture For some, pets are the joy of communication, for others they are real friends who pay for their care with love and devotion. Such friendship is especially useful for children: teachers talk about the great cognitive and educational value of communication with animals. However, having a four-legged friend at home, we at the same time take on responsibility and many concerns, one of which is maintaining cleanliness. Those who keep animals at home have their own secrets to keeping the house in order. And we today decided to share with you life hacks for cleaning furniture and carpets from dog and cat hair.

cleaning furniture and carpets from dog and cat hair

How to clean upholstered furniture from animal hair

Even if there is not a single stain on the sofa, it should be cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. And if there are pets at home, then even more often, because a large number of hairs accumulate on upholstered furniture. To clean upholstered furniture from animal hair, you can use various means: a vacuum cleaner, latex gloves, a furniture brush, etc.

Vacuuming Techniques

If your device has a water filter and a special nozzle for cleaning furniture, this will greatly facilitate the process.

Stiff brush

Another simple and effective way to clean furniture is from animal hair. Place a small container of water near you, soak a brush in it, shake off excess liquid, and start cleaning the surface. Rinse the brush as often as possible and change the water as it gets dirty.

Latex gloves

Instead of a brush, you can use latex gloves soaked in water: small hairs adhere well to their surface. The cleaning process is the same as with a brush.

Latex gloves

Sticky roller or tape

The sticky rotating base grips wool and fine debris well and is suitable for all types of fabrics.

You can replace the roller with ordinary tape, but it can only be used to clean cat or dog hair from furniture with smooth upholstery. For textured and piled fabrics (for example, velour), the tape is not suitable, as it can pull out the villi. Just wrap your hand with the sticky side out and go over the upholstery of a chair or sofa.


To prolong the cleanliness of the furniture, treat the surface with antistatic after cleaning. This will not solve the problem completely, but the hairs will stick to the fabric much less. By the way, clothes can be processed with the same tool.

Odor neutralizer

If your pet likes to relax on a sofa or armchair, it is likely that in addition to wool, an unpleasant odor also settles on them. After cleaning, spray the surface with an odor neutralizer, such as Glutoclean. This tool does not mask unpleasant odors but destroys their molecules. Leaves no residue, removes bacteria, safe for your health and animals.

How to protect furniture from wool stains

If your cat has chosen an armchair, chair, or sofa and does not want to give way to the rightful mistress, try this natural remedy :

  • Fill the spray bottle ¾ with water;
  • Add 10 drops of orange or lavender essential oil;
  • Plus 2 drops of clear liquid soap.

Mix everything thoroughly and spray it where the cat likes to misbehave. Now this place will no longer be his favorite.

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Another option is to simply place the bedding on your pet’s favorite spot on the couch so that the bulk of the cat’s hair stays on it.

Tips for Pet Owners

If you have a furry four-legged friend, it is better to get rid of soft floor coverings altogether: this will greatly facilitate cleaning. And if you can’t refuse your favorite carpet, then catch our tips to help rid it of cat or dog hair. Vacuuming the carpet is best every day, but if you miss a few days and there are too many hairs on the surface, try other methods.

Tips for Pet Owners

Fabric softener

To help loosen the hairs from the pile of the carpet, treat the surface with an anti-static fabric softener before cleaning. Simply dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio and apply with a spray bottle. Then go through the vacuum cleaner.

Hard brush

Instead of a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush with a hard and thick synthetic pile. During the cleaning process, rinse it often and continue to clean from dog hair until you achieve the desired result.

And if you add a carpet cleaner to the water, you can remove other contaminants from its surface along with animal hair.


As with upholstered furniture, you can clean the carpet with a latex glove. This process is more laborious, but the result will certainly please you. The glove can be replaced with a rubber window scraper.

Animals at home are not only troubles but also the boundless joy of communicating with a living being and taking care of it. Don’t let the wool on the carpet ruin your mood! We hope that our tips on how to clean furniture from dog hair and cat hair will help you deal with it more easily.