Vanya Dmitrienko The Beginning Of A Creative Career

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Vanya Dmitrienko is a young actor, and blogger, Vanya Dmitrienko is at the beginning of a creative career and is a performer of popular musical compositions. His career skyrocketed after posting several covers online and entering music competitions. The track “Venus – Jupiter” has become a landmark for the novice vocalist. Today, this composition is considered Ivan’s calling card.

Vanya Dmitrienko’s Childhood:-

He was born in October 2005 in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The boy received a musical gift from his father, who was a singer and guitarist. Today , Ivan’s popular songs can be easily downloaded on the Internet, but a couple of years ago, the young man only dreamed of performing in front of the public.

Ivan’s childhood passed in an incomplete family. After the birth of his son, the boy’s parents broke up, he stayed with his mother and two sisters Varvara and Valeria. From a young age, the guy was fond of sports. He tried everything:

  • swimming;
  • hockey;
  • football;
  • basketball;
  • table tennis.

But despite numerous sports hobbies, Ivan was madly in love with cooking. From childhood, the boy dreamed of becoming a cook.

His soul was simply drawn to music, he began to sing at the age of seven. Their parents sent Vanya to the Etty Children’s Theater, where he studied vocals for 9 years. There he received the basics of acting and mastered the art of dance. In his free time, he played guitar and piano. For the sake of interest, he even learned to play the harmonica.

Three years ago, the family of Ivan Dmitrienko moved to live in Moscow, and the young man entered college at the Financial and Law University of the capital.

music and blog

Music & Blog:-

At the new place of residence, Vanya continued his vocal studies, he began to visit the center for creative development and upload covers in his performance on social networks.

The first vocal success came to the young man in 2020. For the project “I want with Open Kids”, a pop group of five Ukrainian girls selected a soloist to record a joint track.

Ivan’s application for participation in the tests was approved, and literally three months later, a fourteen-year-old teenager flew to Kyiv. Here he had a stormy romance with a member of the pop group Lisa Kostyakina, which later became the plot for a reality show.

Of course, this added to his popularity, and with it, subscribers to Instagram.

Venus – Jupiter:-

This star hit by Ivan Dmitrienko gained incredible popularity in just two days. The author himself did not expect such a stunning success, especially since at the time of the release the composition had only a chorus. There is no doubt that it was thousands of subscribers who inspired the young blogger and singer to complete the star track. To do this, the team had to spend more than a day and a half in the studio to give their fans the final version of the song.

The track was written by Ivan in collaboration with Thomas (whose real name is Artem Shapovalov). The premiere of the hit took place on New Year’s Eve, on the eve of 2020. Thanks to this composition, 15-year-old performer Vanya Dmitrienko became the brightest discovery of last year’s January charts.

A month later, a video for this song was released. During the recording, the young singer was injured, as he fell from the stepladder directly onto the spilled glass. Several fragments pierced the teenager’s bare elbow. Fortunately, the wound was not serious. The troubles associated with filming a video clip for the song “Venus – Jupiter” did not end there. Ivan ruined his stage costume by accidentally flooding it with a drink.

Stage Success:-

Today Vanya Dmitrienko is not just a blogger, he is a famous musician. His first solo concert took place exactly a year ago at the Moscow club. A week later, the young man became the hero of the Evening Urgant program and performed at a concert in honor of the 11th anniversary of the Kids Republic.

In addition to his singing career, the young man tries himself as an actor. In the series “Oleg”, which appeared on the screens of the TV channel “Friday”, he played one of the main roles. For more information visit our site.

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