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MYSTERY Of BERMUDA TRIANGLE The year is 1950, and many American newspapers post the same following article.

This article sheds a light on numerous disappearances from the Florida shores to the island of Bermuda, disappearances occurring in the past 5 years. Such incidents include a ship, 9 planes, and 135 people including civilians and faculty members disappearing into thin air. This was the first time this region of the ocean was seen as an abnormality.

A supernatural force was also believed to be present in this region. Since the author couldn’t explain the reason behind the disappearances, that’s where this turned into a mystery.

Bermuda Triangle


In 1992, an American newspaper referred to this region as a triangle. And to mark the boundaries of this region a triangle shape was associated with the region, with its points connecting the shores of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. And once again, the author never explained why they chose these Islands. Now that the world knew of this region as a triangle of sorts, it had to have a name.

In 1964, a fiction-based magazine called “Argosy” published a title on its cover page:

“Lost in the Bermuda Triangle” This essay referenced the same past events mentioned in other magazines but this time they added more pizzazz. Many of the realities were concealed, and the essay was attempted to be labeled as a fictional story.

Argosy had one target: mystery lovers, and fearmongers, not the type of people who try
to understand the reality of things. Ever since then, the Bermuda Triangle has been shrouded in mystery, an obscure tale. Today, I want to talk about this story. I’m Zahid Nisar, you’re watching Orange Shots, and today’s topic is the Bermuda Triangle.

The first event associated with the Bermuda Triangle was in 1492, during Christopher Columbus’ transatlantic travels.

Three takeaways:

  1. The crew saw fireball-like objects.
  2. Their compasses stopped working,
  3. They saw a strange light as if it were suspended above the water.

We now know that the fireball they saw in the sky was a meteor. Which sometimes gets so close that it makes night look like day.


Revealing The Truth Behind This MYSTERY Of BERMUDA TRIANGLE

I’ve experienced these phenomena myself, these are talked about all the time at sea. These aren’t arcane to us anymore. Coming to the compasses, Columbus’ crew reported that their compasses wouldn’t point towards True North, a.k.a. the North Star.

That might’ve been unusual during the time, but now we know that there’s something called a “Magnetic Variation”. In this, what happens is that a magnetic compass is unable
to point towards the True north it always points towards the magnetic north. When you apply magnetic variation to it, that’s when it starts to point toward the True north.

Columbus has written about the suspended light, he said that it looked “like a small wax candle that rose and lifted up, which for a few seconds seemed to be an indication of land.”

And only a few hours later, the land of America came into view. And that candle-like object they kept seeing might have been fire lit by the land’s indigenous people. A lot of magazines, mystery channels, and even YouTube channels don’t mention these details.

You must now be aware of all the secrets kept from us in stories about the Bermuda Triangle. You’re going to keep finding these stories suspenseful until you go into the details.


The Disappearance Of Aircraft In The Region of Bermuda Triangle

The Disappearance of Flight 19 is probably the most famous disappearance
in the Bermuda Triangle.

On 5 December 1945, A squadron of 5-trainer aircraft flies out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They’re out for one of their routine training flights. What’s the worst that could happen? Nearly 2 hours later, one of the pilots reports that he can’t find his way.

He also reports that both of his compasses have gone bust. A number of stations try to establish a connection with Flight 19 to figure out its position.

But these efforts are all in vain. Flight 19 is unable to be located. The pilots are also arguing with one another as to whether they’re flying in sync or not. More time passes.

All the planes increasingly lose contact with each other. 4 hours later, the Navy is able to locate Flight 19. They find out that Flight 19 is 200 km north of its intended flight path. US Navy Squadron Training No. 49, a flying boat, was sent to guide Flight 19 back.

But following a routine transmission, it’s also nowhere to be seen. 5 hours later after that flight, a final transmission is intercepted. It turns out to be a failed attempt by one
plane to get in contact with another this was, again, the final transmission. After that, Flight 19 was never seen or heard from again.


Is Bermuda Triangle Dangerous?

This entire event may sound mystical, but the reality of it lies elsewhere. 4 trainee pilots were led by experienced Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor. Just as the aircraft commences flying,
one of the trainees took flight and Taylor acted as a supervisor.

Just as the aircraft turned north, Taylor realized that the trainee was headed the wrong way, and took command of the aircraft. If you refer to the radio logs and communication, you will come to know that Taylor mistook the islands in the Grand
Bahama for the Florida Key islands.

Fort Lauderdale, this is FT-28

We now have land in sight.” I’m flying above land that’s split into islands. “I’m not sure how far down.” “And I’m not sure how to get to Fort Lauderdale from my current position.” “Over.” They confused their real position with the one, they were in. You might find this hard to believe but

Taylor was previously a flight instructor in Miami, and his training went somewhat like this. Before Miami, he was stationed in Key West, and he’d have most of his training there.

Flight 19 was Taylor’s first time flying this route over the Bahamas. Taylor referred to himself as MT-28 over the first radio transmission which stood for Miami Torpedo Bomber 28. His real ID was FT-28, i.e., Fort Lauderdale 28.

He grew confused with what he saw outside his windows and what he knew from experience. were what led him to believe that both his compasses malfunctioned even though it’s highly unlikely for both compasses to fail. Since Taylor was convinced he was
in the Keys he kept flying north he thought he’d reach land this way he kept flying further and further from land.

He also didn’t turn west as he thought he’d end up in the Gulf of Mexico that’s why it didn’t occur to him to turn west when in actuality, turning west would have saved them. According to the flight logs, before they disappeared, as his final attempt, he turned east because he still thought he was in the Gulf of Mexico. He thought turning east would land him in Florida when in actuality, he was guiding all the aircraft away from land.

Flying Boat ST-49

Eventually, all 5 aircraft ran out of fuel and sank into the ocean. Talking about the flying boat ST-49 – the one that was sent to guide Flight 19 back towards Fort Lauderdale -it performed a routine transmission and following that, ST-49 also disappeared without any trace. The important thing to note is: following ST-49’s flight 20 or so minutes later, a
merchant ship reported that a seaplane was witnessed going up in flames and exploding.

When the merchant ship reached where ST-49 supposedly was, it only found a fireball, evidence of an oil slick, and debris, but no sign of human life. An important thing of note here is that a day ago, ST-40 or Sierra Tango 49 was grounded because its engine was faulty.

There are no further details on what it was. So when news spread about an aircraft
going up in flames and exploding many Naval officers believed that it was the same one with the faulty engine.

Hundreds Of Aircraft & Ships Were Assigned To Search

Hundreds of aircraft and ships were assigned to search for any Flight 19 but to no avail. All evidence bears witness to the fact that Flight 19 may most likely have sunk after running out of fuel. And it was already clear what had happened to St-49: it was the same aircraft that was spotted by a merchant ship catching fire and exploding.

If we refer to other incidents, not everyone can be explained in such detail. On January 17, 1949, a plane by the name of Star Ariel flew over the island of Bermuda. An hour or so later, the pilot performed a routine transmission but after that, the aircraft was nowhere to be found or heard from.

There weren’t any crash reports on the plane, nor was there any accident reported. The mystery regarding what happened to this aircraft was never solved because there wasn’t any rock-solid evidence. But another reality that makes this incident interesting is in that another aircraft from the same company as this one i.e., Star Tiger disappeared under the same circumstances a year prior. You may also like to visit our site.

Approach To Bermuda Triangle

On January 30, 1948, Star Tiger was heading toward Bermuda and upon approaching the region, it disappeared. The weather wasn’t great, it was extremely windy, and it was pouring before its last transmission, the aircraft succumbed to the strong winds, only to disappear. But there are many clues to these cases too that can tell us what might have gone wrong.

Records say that the mother company of these aircraft never took care to maintain them regularly. These aircraft had many defects which were never taken care of.

The aircraft had poor design, adding to the risk of untimely malfunction but those faults in design were never repaired. One of the design faults was that the aircraft had heaters inside their cabins which were very prone to catch fire, putting the aircraft in danger.

If there is a supernatural force inside the Bermuda Triangle that’s a danger to all kinds of aircraft and ships,

Why isn’t it Marked On All of The World’s Maps?

It’s not on any maps or charts. I’ve passed through this region many times. We’ve spent nights there, days. We’ve even traded in this region. Thousands of aircraft and
ships pass through this region. Considering there’s so much traffic in this area,

Shouldn’t There Be More Accidents?

Why Don’t Accidents Happen More Often?

Why Don’t More Aircraft & Ships Disappear?

I believe none of that happens because there’s no supernatural force
in this area to start with. The myths we hear about the ships and aircraft lie under the sea due to one or more other reasons. Remember: the sea is only your friend until your ship or plane is in one piece. During any dangerous circumstances, your first fear is always going to be about your aircraft or seacraft sinking.

The important thing is: this thought isn’t necessarily restricted to the Bermuda Triangle. You’ll encounter this fear wherever you are. Any deep sea, river, or ocean.

And speaking about the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle, there are many cases associated with the area that has absolutely nothing to do with it, that never happened in or around the Bermuda Triangle.

In 1963, a ship by the name of SS Marine Sulphur Queen took off from Beaumont, Texas,
on its way to Norfolk. This was its last known position, but after that, it disappeared. This disappearance is also linked to the Bermuda Triangle even though, according to
the United States Coast Guard this ship was wrecked at sea near the Florida Keys. But then again, what does the U.S. Coast Guard know?

In 1954, a ship disappeared while traveling from Maryland to the Azores. The Bermuda Triangle is, again, blamed for this, even though this event occurred outside its boundaries. Newsmongers and mystery-geeks may argue that these events occurred “near” the Bermuda Triangle, and if we were to entertain that for a moment.

What Areas Are They Even Referring To?

  • Is the Gulf of Mexico also a neighboring region?
  • The Arabian Sea?
  • The Coast of Brazil?
  • Nova Scotia?
  • The North Atlantic?

If yes, then I guess we need a much bigger triangle. I think the biggest mystery
about the Bermuda Triangle is:

Why Do People Believe In This So Much?

And why are people so bent on trying to prove that this region has a supernatural force? According to what I believe, there’s nothing that sets this area apart from other parts of the sea. The disappearance of aircraft and seacraft is not restricted to just the Bermuda Triangle. It happens in every sea of the world and there’s nothing surprising about that, the MH-370 flight is also an example.

Has Anything Been Found Related To This Flight?

Except for a few parts found in Madagascar or the seacoasts of Africa.

Did You Find Anything? No.

We don’t even know where it sank. There are also some examples of ships to refer to so this isn’t surprising to me. These cases have occurred before. They still happen now. And they’re probably going to keep happening.

There’s nothing special about the Bermuda Triangle. This is a sea region just like any other. There’s nothing special about this area. It’s just a part of the sea. We’ve passed through here so many times. If there were a supernatural force present, we’d notice it. We never noticed it. It was always normal.

I’ve been through this region countless times. Without any fear or danger, whatsoever. So, this was today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something new, if you didn’t, I hope this served as a refresher. I hope this was helpful. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to like it. Don’t forget to share.

Take good care of yourselves! Remember me in your prayers. With tons of love to my viewers. Take very good care of yourselves.

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