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Room Zoning for Creating More Space in 2023

It is very easy to decorate apartments and houses in a large area. In small one-room or two-room apartments, it is more difficult to maintain free space without sacrificing functionality, but the more interesting it is!

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Small apartments can be compared to a box with various functions hidden inside. A sofa can turn into a bed, a coffee table can turn into a dining table, and an armchair can become a place to store things.

Introduction to room zoning and its importance

The first thing we need to do before designing a functional interior is to create a list of all the necessary zones. Think about whether you need an office, a nursery, a dressing room, or a place for sports activities.

Once you have decided on your daily interests, you can start zoning. Draw the plan of the apartment from above. See where the load-bearing walls are. Consider if you can tear down some of the partitions to increase the space.

When drawing an interior plan, remember: to make the room seem more lively and interesting, the space should not consist of rectangles. Draw areas with a slight distortion of corners or rounding, then the interior will become more delicious.

The most common options for combining zones:

  • living room – bedroom,
  • living room – kitchen,
  • living room – work area,
  • bedroom – work area,
  • bedroom – children’s.

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Stylish ways of zoning a room


This is the most difficult and costly way, but, of course, very effective. When zoning a living room, for example, on a raised platform, you can place a place to sleep or an office.

Stylish ways of zoning a room


If you need to make a cooking area and a living room in the same room, then we lay tiles in the kitchen, and parquet or linoleum in the living room. If this is a living room and a bedroom, then the sleeping area can be distinguished with a soft carpet, leaving a laminate or parquet for the rest of the room.

Partitions for zoning a room

Partitions give a lot of options for creativity. In their role, for example, can be curtains, which are attached to a special cornice in the ceiling. Depending on whether you need to open or hide the area, you simply move the curtains.

Partitions are also made of glass. Glossy surfaces always visually enlarge the space, so this method is one of the best for small spaces.

There are various screens made of wood. They are quite mobile, they are easy to put or hide, depending on the needs.

Partitions-racks are very functional, in which memorabilia or books can be stored.

Visual enlargement of the room when zoning

After selecting zones in one way or another, you need to think about how we will visually increase them. There are several secrets for this:

  • Use cool or pastel colors that always visually enlarge the space.
  • Add swivel lights and sconces that illuminate the surface of the wall. Such options are quite compact and most functional for small spaces.
  • Striped or zigzag wallpaper. Depending on the location of the strips, you can either stretch the walls up or wide.
  • Stretch ceilings with glossy surfaces. The ceiling in this case increases the space of the room and makes it endless.

And, finally, one more unusual secret. It would seem that things should be proportionate to each other: in a small space there should be small things, and in a large space there should be big things. But it’s not. By placing a huge picture on the entire wall in the interior of a small room, we get an interesting effect. The brain begins to deceive itself, and an illusion is created that since the picture is large, then the space is the same.


1: How can I separate different areas in a room without using walls?

You can separate areas in a room without walls by arranging furniture in a smart way. You can also use rugs or different lights to make areas look different.

2: Can I make separate areas in a small room?

Yes, you can! Even in a small room, you can make different areas by planning carefully and using furniture, colors, and lights in a clever way.

3: How can I make sure everything looks nice when I have different areas in one room?

To make everything look nice, you can choose colors or a style that is the same in all the areas. This way, everything will match and look good together.

4: What are some ways to separate areas in a big room without walls?

In a big room, you can use furniture to create separate areas. You can also use curtains or shelves as dividers to make different spaces.

5: Can I use these ideas for stores or offices too?

Yes, you can use these ideas in stores or offices too! In offices, you can have different spaces for work, meetings, and relaxing. In stores, you can have separate areas for showing products, helping customers, and paying for purchases.