9 Beauty Products That Aren’t Worth The Hype (Pros & Cons)

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In this article, I’m exploring 9 Beauty Products That Aren’t Worth The Hype in detail. From wrinkle-reducing creams to color-enhancing shampoos, the beauty industry offers women a plethora of amazing products.

How to understand before buying which “potions” work wonders, and which are not worth the money?

Overhyped Beauty Products

Dummy Cosmetics: What not to buy?

Beauty Products or Cosmetics manufacturers often claim that their products improve appearance, restore youth, and hide any imperfections. But to blindly trust such words is unwise.

For cosmetics to work, they must contain effective ingredients. But sometimes substances that at first glance seem to be useful, have no effect or even harm. If you see them on the packaging of cosmetics, stop buying!

Mineral oil. According to the manufacturers of beauty products, this substance locks moisture inside the skin, thereby preventing its loss. And it seems that this is a great idea, because the more moisture inside, the better the skin feels. But mineral oil prevents the elimination of toxins and also interferes with cellular respiration. Therefore, it is better to refuse cosmetics with him.

Collagen. Despite the fact that the production of collagen in the body is an important condition for maintaining youthful skin, its role in cosmetics is too exaggerated. “Collagen molecules are very large, they cannot penetrate the skin to have a rejuvenating effect,” explains MD, dermatologist Marisa Garshik. “Applying cosmetics with collagen can be useful for moisturizing the skin, but collagen itself is not a valuable ingredient in the fight for youthful skin.”

Albumen. It is a natural protein that is part of the protein fraction of the blood. Manufacturers advertise it as the main ingredient in the fight against wrinkles, but its abilities are also exaggerated. When this substance dries, a thin film forms on the skin, which visually tightens it and fills in wrinkles. But the effect persists until the first wash. In the long term, albumin is useless for the skin.

Lanolin. On the one hand, this cosmetic ingredient has unique emollient properties, and on the other hand, it has a very dense texture. The use of cosmetics with it in the composition can lead to the appearance of a greasy sheen on the face and blockage of pores.

Coconut oil. Considered a very useful ingredient for the skin, its content in cosmetics significantly increases the check. But according to Dr. Marisa Garshik, coconut oil can increase irritation and lead to new problems: “Although coconut oil is believed to have beneficial properties, there is not enough evidence to support its anti-aging role. It is also important to note that in some people this substance provokes the appearance of acne.

Silicones. The attitude towards them, even among cosmetics manufacturers, is ambiguous: some consider silicones a boon, while others warn of their dangers. They are added to cosmetics for the face and body to fill in folds and wrinkles, and even out skin texture. They cope with this task by forming a film on the surface of the skin. But the same film can prevent the skin from breathing and cause new imperfections to appear. In this case, the danger is, first of all, insoluble silicones – they can accumulate in the body. Recognize them simply by the end of “onol” (for example, Dimethiconol).

On a note!

What cosmetic ingredients are useful? According to Dr. Marisa Garshik , these are retinol and retinoids, vitamins A and C and sunscreens. They are approved by most dermatologists.

In addition, AHAs, ceramides, niacinamide, vitamin E, and salicylic acid can benefit the body. Cosmetics with these “fighters” for youthful skin will be effective.

Beauty Products That Are Not Worth The Money

What beauty products will not benefit?

In addition to the ingredients of cosmetics, the role of which is greatly exaggerated, there are dummy products. You shouldn’t have high hopes for them.

1. Facial toner

They say that after washing the skin needs a special remedy. It should wash away any leftover cleansers and help your skin return to its natural pH level. And this tool is a toner for the face.

However, according to MD, dermatologist Doris J. Day, the tonic is a useless cosmetic product: “New types of soap do not leave marks on the skin that toner was invented to remove.” Therefore, you can not spend money on it.

2. Wrinkle serum

Beauty serums are useful products in skin care. But there are things that they objectively can do and those that they can’t.

To help moisturize the skin, erase traces of pigmentation and post-acne, even out tone and relief – serums can do it, but rid the face of wrinkles – no. Regardless of what is in the “elixir of youth”.

Such an effect can only be provided by hardware procedures and medium-acting peels, since they work in the middle layer of the skin, and all cosmetics are only on the surface.

3. Foot cream

“In the context of constant hand washing, each person already has their own hand cream. So why to have another one for the legs?” asks rhetorically MD Heidi Waldorf.

If the skin of the legs needs to be moisturized, hand cream is enough. Or you can use plain Vaseline.

4. Anti-cellulite cream

Many of the fair sex dream of the perfect skin of the thighs and buttocks – without a single dimple or tubercle. That is why anti-cellulite cosmetics are so popular.

“But no cream is able to strengthen the skin of the body and reduce cellulite, even in the long term,” says dermatologist Doris J. Day. – These products often contain caffeine to improve blood flow and plant extracts to hydrate the skin, which can be temporary. But to get rid of cellulite, you need a set of measures, including going to the gym and maintaining proper nutrition.

5. Shampoo to improve hair color

Keeping a beautiful shade of hair after dyeing is not an easy task. Special shampoos promise to help solve it.

“Usually, these products contain additives that temporarily color the hair. And this is more harmful than useful, warns hairdresser Nick Arrojo. “If you really want to keep the color of the dyed strands, shampoo your hair less often, and use dry shampoo in between washing your hair – it absorbs excess oil without washing the color from the strands.”

6. Cream for dark circles under the eyes

Balconies under the eyes cannot be eliminated even by the most expensive means, because there are a lot of reasons for their appearance – from the proximity of blood vessels that give a shadow, ending to the structural features of the skin.

And someone has blue under the eyes at all – an innate feature. And not a single cosmetic product can affect this.

7. Moisturizing body soap

Cleansing cosmetics are designed to cleanse the skin well. To do this, it contains substances that destroy surface bonds and facilitates the removal of cosmetics and impurities.

Adding moisturizers to such cosmetics does not make sense. Especially considering the fact that soap is on the skin for a few moments.

8. Remedies for getting rid of split ends

Most often they are presented in the form of serums and lotions, masks, and hair conditioners. But regardless of what kind of remedy it is, its effectiveness is exaggerated.

“The ends split in the middle of the hair shaft. When the hair is electrified, they fork, which makes the strands look even worse. Special serums can temporarily “glue” the section, removing static electricity and creating the illusion of smoother and shinier hair, but this is a temporary effect. The only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them,” says hairdresser Nick Arrogio.

9. Cuticle oil:

It can not be called a completely useless tool, but its effectiveness is less than the advertising says.

“After applying the oil to the skin, it does not stay in place. Therefore, to moisturize and nourish a damaged or inflamed cuticle, it is better to use creams and ointments – they are absorbed into the skin and instantly get to work, ”says Heidi Waldorf, MD.

Do not buy cosmetics-dummy! It is better to spend free funds on several massage sessions or a subscription to the pool or gym. Such activities will definitely benefit and improve the beauty of your body. For more useful information about health and beauty visit our website.

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