Firewood Suppliers in North Carolina: Top 10

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Firewood is an essential resource for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts in North Carolina, providing warmth and ambiance during the colder months. However, not all firewood is created equal, and it’s crucial to find reliable suppliers that offer high-quality products. In this article, we will explore the best firewood suppliers in North Carolina, focusing on Fallen Tree Firewood, a reputable provider known for its exceptional products and services.

High-Quality Firewood

When it comes to firewood, quality matters. Not only does it ensure a longer burn time and more efficient heating, but it also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable experience. Finding a reliable supplier that offers top-notch firewood is crucial for anyone in North Carolina who relies on a steady supply for their heating needs or outdoor activities.

Importance of High-Quality Firewood

Using high-quality firewood has several advantages. Firstly, it burns cleaner, producing less smoke and reducing the risk of chimney fires. Secondly, it provides better heat output, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective heating. Lastly, it minimizes the amount of creosote buildup in chimneys, reducing the need for regular maintenance and potential hazards.

Fallen Tree Firewood: A Trusted Supplier

Among the various firewood suppliers in North Carolina, Fallen Tree Firewood stands out as a trusted provider. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they have earned a reputation as one of the best suppliers in the region.

Variety of Firewood Products

Fallen Tree Firewood offers a wide range of firewood options to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer hardwoods like oak or hickory for a long-lasting burn or softwoods like pine for quick ignition, they have you covered. They also provide custom-cut firewood sizes to accommodate specific requirements.

Sustainable Sourcing Practices

As responsible stewards of the environment, Fallen Tree Firewood prioritizes sustainable sourcing practices. They only use wood from fallen or salvaged trees, minimizing their impact on forests and promoting eco-conscious practices. By choosing Fallen Tree Firewood, customers can enjoy their firewood while supporting sustainable forestry.

Kiln-Dried Firewood: A Premium Option

For those seeking the highest quality firewood, Fallen Tree Firewood offers kiln-dried options. Kiln drying reduces the moisture content of the wood, resulting in firewood that ignites easily, burns more efficiently, and produces less smoke. This premium option ensures a consistent and enjoyable fire experience.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Convenient Delivery Options

Fallen Tree Firewood understands the importance of convenience for its customers. They offer reliable delivery services, ensuring that your firewood is promptly and conveniently brought to your doorstep. Whether you need a small amount for occasional fires or bulk quantities for continuous heating, they can accommodate your needs.

Competitive Pricing

While providing exceptional quality, Fallen Tree Firewood also offers competitive pricing. They believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality firewood without breaking the bank. With their affordable prices, customers can enjoy the benefits of premium firewood without compromising their budget.

Customer Testimonials

The satisfaction of customers is a testament to the quality and service provided by Fallen Tree Firewood. Here are a few testimonials from their happy customers:

  • “I have been buying firewood from Fallen Tree for years, and I am always impressed with the quality. Burns beautifully and keeps us warm all winter!” – Sarah M.
  • “Prompt delivery, excellent customer service, and the firewood is top-notch. Highly recommended!” – John D.
  • “Fallen Tree Firewood is my go-to supplier. Their kiln-dried firewood is the best I’ve ever used. No more struggling to get a fire going!” – Emily S.

Expert Advice and Tips

In addition to supplying firewood, Fallen Tree Firewood provides valuable advice and tips to ensure customers get the most out of their firewood. From proper storage techniques to optimal burning practices, their expertise helps customers achieve optimal results and prolong the lifespan of their firewood.

Firewood Expert Advice and Tips

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Q1: Can I mix different types of firewood?

Yes, you can mix different types of firewood for various burn characteristics and personal preferences.

Q2: How should I store firewood?

Firewood should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area, protected from rain and snow. Stacking it off the ground helps prevent moisture absorption.

Q3: How long does kiln-dried firewood last?

Kiln-dried firewood can last up to twice as long as traditional seasoned firewood due to its lower moisture content.

Q4: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, Fallen Tree Firewood provides discounts for bulk orders. Contact their customer service for more information.

Q5: Is Fallen Tree Firewood available year-round?

Yes, they offer firewood delivery year-round to ensure customers have a reliable heat source.


When it comes to finding the best firewood suppliers in North Carolina, Fallen Tree Firewood emerges as a top choice. Their commitment to quality, sustainable sourcing, variety of firewood products, convenient delivery options, and competitive pricing make them an excellent option for anyone in need of reliable and high-quality firewood. With their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, Fallen Tree Firewood ensures that your fire experiences are warm, efficient, and enjoyable.