Best Educational Games for 7-Year-Old Girls: Fun Games That Teach

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In this article, we’ll explore Best Educational Games for 7-Year-Old Girls. What games can girls seven years old play? There are many different options. Choose the ones your child likes. We offer children’s games for girls 7 years old: educational, useful, and fun.

To develop imagination and fantasy These games can be played indoors and outdoors.

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Indoor and Outdoors Best Games for 7 Years Old Girls:

Here are a list lot of games for 7-year-old girls or children that are safe and secure to play.

What do clouds look like?

Look at the clouds together. What do they look like? On an animal, a ship, a castle? Have the children come up with as many options as possible.

Finish the fairy tale

Come up with a short story and offer to finish it. Ask why the story ends like this.

Finish the drawing

Draw part of the picture or several basic shapes. Let the child finish it to get a real story, not individual objects and figures.

Guess who

An adult portrays any animal. And the child guesses. You can ask leading questions if the task is difficult. Then you can switch places.

Dress up the princess

Draw a princess on a piece of paper. Let the girl come up with and draw a beautiful dress for her. You can cut out a princess from cardboard and make a paper dress.

There are a lot of options for such games for 7-year-old girls which helps them in fun and educational way.

For Logic and Thinking:-

At preschool age, it is important to develop logic and thinking. It depends on how the school will go. Educational games will help.

Right wrong

Find a picture where there are some mistakes. Offer to find them. For example, in the summer a schoolboy skis, a deer sits on a tree, a squirrel has antlers.

Match games

Make a picture out of matches and invite the child to change it by changing only one or two matches.

Find the extra

It is necessary to prepare items, one should be superfluous. For example, animal figurines and one bird figurine. Or pieces of furniture and a flower. Let the child find the extra.

It is also useful to solve puzzles, puzzles, crossword puzzles, and mathematical problems.

For memory and attention

It is necessary to develop memory from early childhood. Of course, in the older preschool age, this should be given special attention.

Find differences

Suggest two similar pictures, but with some differences. We need to find all the differences as quickly as possible. Usually, children love this game very much. Pictures can be gradually given more and more complex.

We walk around the zoo

The child is given ten pictures of different animals. He must remember them. After three minutes, the pictures must be taken away and offered to imagine that you are on a walk in the zoo. Let him tell who the child sees, remembering the pictures.

Taste and smell

You need to imagine a certain fruit in detail, talk about its taste, and smell, and draw it. So you can imagine different fruits, vegetables, and berries.


It is worth choosing puzzles with interesting pictures. Best of all, what the girl likes. Animals, princesses, professions, stories from your favorite cartoons or fairy tales.

Describe the picture

The girl is allowed to look at the picture. After it is removed and offered to describe what was depicted there. And it is necessary to tell not only about objects but also about their shape, quantity, and size. Then let the child look at the picture again and name what he missed.

Each time it is worth choosing new games. But if the girl likes something, you can repeat it, complicating the task.

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