Do GHOSTS Live On Ships

Do GHOSTS Live On Ships Do ghost ships exist? Do paranormal activities occur on ships?

Ones that are impossible to explain, or at least difficult to explain. Is all of that really true? The opinions I’m going to share in this article today are my own, experiences. I’m going to share are also my own. You may not agree with them, you may not believe them.

When Ships Disappeared:

You can agree with them, you can disagree with them, but I’m going to present to you what I thought was appropriate. If we talk about incidents alone, i.e., incidents on ships that are difficult to explain, if I consider the ones I’ve experienced in my life, there are so many of them.

I’d like to share a few of them with you today. A few years ago, we had a chief officer with us on board, he would always complain about his documents constantly being misplaced. Sometimes, he’d complain about important keys being misplaced, some of them never to be found again. There were also a couple of instances where highly important ship papers disappeared without a trace for good. We did end up managing to retrieve most of those documents, and thankfully, we avoided any complications but this is really important.

The Ghost In Ship’s Kitchen:

This is very important, and getting to the bottom of it is highly important. If such things keep happening, God forbid, some highly important documents could disappear without a trace, too. So we did all of that, and I’ll tell you our final conclusion about this later. Coming to the next thing, happened around 2006-2007. We had a chief cook on board with us, and I was the third officer at the time, considered a junior rank. The chief cook would always complain about the feeling of being watched from the galley while he worked. He’d put his kitchenware somewhere, only to find it somewhere else.

He’d tell the chief officer he refused to go to the provision store alone. A provision store is where all the food is stored. He’d refuse to go to the fridge rooms alone, too. Fridge rooms are where all the frozen food is stored. Food to eat and drink, fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. are stored there. He thought someone would lock the door behind him and he’d freeze to death. So he refused to go alone. He’d always take someone with him.

There were also a few instances where he’d get stuck there, and the bell there wouldn’t work either. By the way, you should know that freezer rooms come with a safety system. If someone gets locked inside there’s an emergency call alarm system found in there. When activated, the ship’s most vital areas are alerted (that someone is stuck in the freezer room). The first time the alarm didn’t work, the guy panicked, but a Messman happened to pass by, by chance. He heard a knocking sound and opened the freezer room door from the outside.

Sea Lights

Strange Lights At Sea:

The chief cook finally made it outside. And later when the chief engineer took an electrician with him to check the door, what he found out was that the bell was working alright. Definitely, this was again very concerning. Of course, I was in a junior rank back then but I was still a part of the ship’s team. So everyone was worried after that freezer room incident. If such things happened to him, they could happen to anyone. 5-6 months ago, at ten at night, I got a call from the third officer. He was calling me to the bridge because he was spooked. When I asked him what happened, he asked me to join him so he could show me. I agreed and made my way to the bridge. When I go to the bridge, what I felt like I saw were light waves being emitted from a ship on the surface of the sea. It was a very dark night. The stars were somewhat visible, but the milky way wasn’t. So, not a lot of stars.

Casting Spells On Ships Captain:-

It looked like a web of light on the surface of the water. The light looked like it was in a “swimming” motion of sorts. The third officer was scared to death. The Able seaman, a Filipino, was twice as scared. He kept on spooking the third officer more. Calling the thing a ghost, jinn. They’d locked both sides of the bridge, they stood in the center, and they were scared to death. I thought the light was oddly strange too, he (the third officer) replied saying he had no idea what was happening. He complained that the Able seaman was spooking him too.

When I tried to open the door to the bridge wing, it wouldn’t open. When I asked them why it wouldn’t open, they told me they’d locked it from the inside. Permanently. I told them to open it so I could go out and have a look. I went downstairs, got my camera and my phone, and came back upstairs to try to capture footage; it wasn’t successful. I did manage to film the scene, but nothing was discernible.

This was my first time witnessing (paranormal) phenomenon too, on the surface of the sea. But what was the reason? I’ll come back to it in a moment. Moving forward, now let me tell you something very interesting. I was the second officer at the time, that was pretty long ago. I think 2012, or 2013? 2010? It was something like that, I don’t remember the exact year. But the incident is interesting nonetheless. We had a captain, who called me at around 11 in the morning. He asked me to meet him outside his room. He was very scared. Whenever a captain runs into trouble, he usually calls the chief officer first. Either that, or it’s the chief engineer. So, I got worried.

Why did he call me directly? Why was he telling me he was worried? So I went outside his room. I knocked and he let me in. He asked me if I saw anything outside. I asked him what was outside. I thought maybe some bag must’ve been torn open on the way to the mess, Outside, there were a couple of red chilis. A few lemons, and some chickpea lentils. That was when I found out these things were used for witchcraft. He told me he hadn’t left his room all day and had no idea who put those things there. He opened the door, got scared, and closed it.

He thought someone wanted to put a hex on him. I asked him about the chief officer. He told me he had called him over. He came, saw what was on the ground, and left, too. Alright, I said. What about the chief engineer? He told me he had called him over too but he said he wouldn’t come. So I was the only one with him. He asked me what to do with the stuff outside. I suggested we throw them away. I picked them up, put them on a plate, and threw them away. The occurrences didn’t just stop there. Things like that kept happening. We were all worried. We eventually had to get to the bottom of things. The captain strongly believed someone was trying to put a hex on him. I tried to convince him otherwise. I told him I’d gone to his room so many times, but nothing happened to me. He just wasn’t ready to listen. Anyway, what we found out later, I’ll get to that later in the article.

The Curse Caste On Ships By Solar Ellipse:-

Then in 2007, or 2006… it was 2006. In 2003, we witnessed a solar eclipse. It happened around 1 in the afternoon, until 1:13. Those of you who’re third officers know- and of course, for those of you who don’t know, a third officer is usually at the bridge from 8 am to 12 pm. And also from 8 pm till 12 am. They work at the deck from 1 pm to 2 pm to focus on their LSA and FFA documentation. So the solar eclipse had begun and I wasn’t concerned at all. I was sitting, working by a lifeboat. We had some X-ray sheets lying around. I made makeshift eclipse glasses so I could see the sun and moon. I’d work near the boat, and check every once in a while. It was then the AB made it to the bridge. (The lifeboat is directly visible from the deck.) So the AB came to the bridge, and said, “Third, third, the captain is calling you.” I picked up the walkie-talkie, and said, “Yes sir.”

The Ghost In Cargo Control Room:-

I think it was captain Vinay Singh. He told me to leave the lifeboat and come in. I said I had only a bit of work left to do if he could give me a bit more time. He told me to get there immediately. That was when I was berated by the captain. His point was that the solar eclipse was happening. It lasted 20-30 minutes or so, I think. Or was it 10-15 minutes? I don’t quite remember, you can look it up. I think it was somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And it was around 80%. He used some really difficult Hindi. He asked me what I was doing outside in the middle of a solar eclipse. He told me he’d told the chief chef to all throw the food away, and place the kitchenware upside down. Anyway, there were so many things that he did, and that was the first time I found out that solar eclipses are considered a bad omen in Hinduism. I had no idea about that. He told me what I was doing could have some negative impact on the ship. I don’t exactly remember what it was.

The Real Reason Behind This Ghost In The Ship’s Kitchen:-

But basically, according to him, what I was doing was going to have consequences. Something bad was going to happen to the ship. I’ll tell you about the outcome of this later. So, this one time our chief officer started complaining about someone else was probably being with him while he worked in the CCR. Every time he’d open or close a valve, he’d find it partially opened or closed later on.

Sometimes he’d find it in a neutral position, sometimes it would be in an open position. Something was happening in the CCR and he was scared. It told him not to worry, that it was probably nothing. I told him we’d done so many operations ourselves and nothing happened. He told us that the second officer was with him on this. He felt that there was someone else in the room too. I called in the second mate and asked him if this was true. He confirmed that it, in fact, was. They all couldn’t explain why, though. The chief officer brought over a whole bunch of garlic. He made a garland out of them and hung it in the CCR. He said this would scare all the spirits away. Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoy it. For more interesting information visit our site.


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